We need a lock function

A lock function would be great. Like a little tab we can click to lockout items, weapons, and or attachments to lock them out from being scrapped by accident. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidently scrapped a magazine or scope.


Had this happen to my 5* AI-76 twice :joy:

I’m a bit torn back and forth.
On the one hand I would agree. I even once suggested that, too. But that was before they changed to that you’re not able any more to drop something accidently into a dead machine, corps, box, backpack.

These were situation where you could be in a hurry and where it could happen easily.

But since they changed it everything is fine.
If you use recycling stations, you’re not forced to be quick. You’re in a safehouse or base and not in a battle. So keep calm and stay cautious.

That’s the other hand. We don’t need to have a safety net for every situation. Everything you can drop or recycle can be obtained again. It could take a time, but nothing is unique. And to be true: you’re already asked if you’re sure to recycle one thing. If you’re just too fast in pushing buttons… Well, keep calm and stay cautious.

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