We need story expansion!

Ive completed the story like 20 times all DLCs included and now im completely boored. Only fun thing left is Base defence and offence missions… so can we agree we need a expansion on the main story, with lots of side missions!

Now the devs said its hard to do since they want it to be good. But im starting to loose intrest in the game… nowadays all there is to either Reset, do imaginary missions, or just do random stuff in CO-OP with players that have become acustomed with grinding. I cant find anybody that does RP like stuff like i do.

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That’s (sadly) normal for a story based game.
If the story is over, it becomes boring after some time.

The devs already did something to stretch the experience by adding fmtel-missions and the procedual missions.

Now it’s up to us, to keep it alive, by doing challenges, assignments, trophies, finding all collectibles and weapons and doing crazy stuff alone or with others people in coop.

There will be more narrative in the future. That has already been announced. But there is no detailed info yet, how we’ll get it.

I would indeed also love a new expansion like Alpine unrest with more story and more locations… And of course some more features and items.


its sad they have confirmed they don’t have any plans to use the big island above östertörn

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If they don’t actually have plans for them it doesn’t mean, that they won’t come some day.

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Whats RP?
20 times sure is a lot!

RP = Roleplay. Thats all.

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yep, i like to set up specific roles for when we play this game. i use a Sub-machinegun and a Carl Gustaf, and my friends be a marksman with a Bolt action or other rifle.

Basically RP as specific weapon specialists.

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and with the introduction of the companion and ping system we now have a “Hund förare” or Dog handler they use the Companion to achieve different mission goals.

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I see folks talking about GZ RP on the XB, from time to time. I don’t know any details, how they go or how they handle things, quality, etc, but just figured I’d mention there does seem to be some on XB.

Probably not helpful, if you’re on another platform. XB has a Looking for Group function, which is where I see some of the RP mentions. Folks looking for other players. I have to assume the PS has something similar, otherwise there might be some folks on Discord or that could be found right here on the forum.

Speaking of the dog handler, it would’ve been nice if the new ping system could have been set up/switched between “order my own dog, only” and “issue order to all dogs in group.” Buddy of mine and I tested that right away. Small win, small loss… Of course, a dog handler would usually be dealing with only one dog, anyway…

But, yeah. More story, more missions, would be really nice. Not just one or two missions to go with some new enemy (like the Firebird) or tool to add to the player’s side (like the companion), but something more expansive. Like you folks mentioned, more like Alpine Unrest or FNIX Rising. Way more focus on missions and story, even if it would also add some new enemy or tool as well.