Weapon at Ängsnäs Estate/Manor


Plattform: PC
A weapon could be found in the Ängsgär estate. But all the weapons I found did not count.
So I looked around for a video that showed a description of where to find something.
And lo and behold, there is a blatant divergence that may explain why I can not find the weapon.
In the video 2 weapon boxes are found in a large shed, but in my game there are no gun boxes in the same place (red circle in the screenshots).

Thus, the question arises whether the weapons boxes are at a different location each time the game is restarted or if this is a bug.

Since I found all the weapons boxes at this site, but did not count any of the weapons I found, I assume that it is a bug.



This is not a bug. The weapons found statistic refers to actual weapons placed in the game world, not from boxes. If you want a hint; check somewhere up high, in a place built of stone. For the sake of the topic I’ve moved this to General Discussion.


If you mean the ruined castle with the place of stones where to look, there is nothing to find. I’ve been around x times already. Nothing


Not the castle, on the top of a kind of ruined wall, if I remember well.


Weapon location. Coords: -4214.774, 2136.369