Weapon at Flottnasviken?

I just bought the DLC and am over on the new island and the very first settlement you come to says it has a collectible and a weapon. I have picked up a mix tape there and an automatgevar5 which was in a box in one of the post office trucks but the game is still saying the weapon hasn’t been picked up.

Is this a known bug or did I miss one? I’ve been inside every vehicle, building, box and hut.

I don’t have the DLC but I think you missed one. The weapon the game tells to find is never (?) found in a box

Möller PP - green building roof if I remember that place

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You remember correctly it’s hanging on the antenna that is on the roof. Can’t remember how many times I walked past it before noticing it

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Thank you very much folks.

I’ve scoured that area for the weapon so many times and I never found it.

Thank you indeed :green_heart:

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I know the frustration. I went up on that roof twice and once even looked at the aerial but never thought the devs would hang a pistol from it.