Weapon Augmenting

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if this is a bug. I also don’t know how forums work so apologies if i did something wrong in this report.

Platform: PS4

Description: Weapon Augment not equipping

Steps To Reproduce: Applying a weapon augment to a weapon

Images / Videos: https://youtu.be/Uj7n-Hl_zw4?si=encGU5XleiC689po
(Problem first happens at 8:42)

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Did it just happen with the silver scope Scout augmentation?
The Bronze one seemed to have worked at first.

I haven’t tried that yet, i’m still a little afraid but il’ll test the others

I just tried the “oversized magazine” augment on the silver level and it worked. I’ll try the “scope scout” one after i collect parts. Thank you for the help i don’t know why i couldn’t have thought of that.

Still a negative on the silver “scope scout” augment. Slightly disappointing but i hope the gold one works when i c9me around to it.

Sorry to jump in here but what weapon parts are required to augment.

Recycle all unneeded weapons you find. As a new material you now get weapon parts.

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1c weapons = 1 part, 2c = 3 parts, 3c = 5 parts, 4c = 7 parts, 5c = 10 parts and EXP = 20 parts given on Recycling the,.

For augmenting the weapons, it depends on the Tier and if its primary or Support, Primary Gold tier is 500 weapon parts whilst Tier 1 is 10 parts i think. Tier 1 Support augments is 3 parts and tier 3 is 250 parts.


Thankyou for your prompt replies, I will get recycling