Weapon Augments Dissappeared After Steam Hotfix

As a pretext, I am reporting this on behalf of someone on the Discord having problems accessing here, i personally have not played this hotfix to confirm the issue, but there has been at least 4 others reporting the same thing there. I cannot confirm if the steps to reproduce work, im going based on what i was told happened for this issue

What Happened: Upon Logging into the game after the Hotfix, the Augments to the PM-71 had vanished, this PM-71 then got reaugmented with the same augments (This being 3* Titan Toppler and 3* Hipshooter). When logging out at some point then logging back in, the augments had yet again, disappeared. This also happened on a Vosa in which it lost the Support Augment it had, this being 3* Hip Shooter, and the weapon also lost a 5c SMG Compensator oddly enough too.

Steps to Reproduce: Augment any weapon, preferably the PM-71, play for a bit, Close the game, reopen the game at a later point (Be it a few hours or days), observe if the Augments are still there.

Vosa after losing the Support Augment:
Bug Report Image #1

PM-71 after losing Both Augments:
Bug Report Image #2

Players in Game: N/A

Host or Client: N/A

Technical Specifications:** N/A

This seems to be happening with more than just these two weapons. I had a Augment on my Flamethrower and Pitchfork but after logging off they both disappeared.

a friend I am playing with seems to think it might be doing it to the last one you augmented so because I didn’t both, I lost both. So it could be all weapons.

Also seems to be un-attaching Attachments.

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It indeed is, i was just making a Report for 1 individual who had it happen with the mentioned Weapons. I believe i saw someone say their PVG and Iron Condor lost them on Discord at time of report.

I just wanted to throw my hat into the ring to let the devs know its not isolated.

Happening to me, too. On PC, Steam.

Bumping this thread. Happening to me, too, recently.

Platform: PC, Steam.

Description: Sometimes opening the save or storing an augmented weapon into the Plundra makes the augments disappear.

Steps To Reproduce: ???

Images / Videos: None, hard to catch.

Host or Client: Host, playing offline.

Specifications: Windows 11 / AMD Ryzen 7 7700X / NVidia GeForce RTX 4070

Moved to report thread. This is now the main thread covering this issue.


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Platform: PC, Steam, post-Skyfire hotfix

Description: lost Sjöqvist Semi-Auto augments randomly and had weapon un-equip itself along side its attachments. Unrelated to storage issue I think.

Steps To Reproduce: unknown/was in multiplayer at the time so may be related

Images / Videos: While I don’t have a recording, I have screenshots from before and after thanks to attempts to record other bugs

note extended magazine on prior image

additional text: also lost Rapid Reload on my test semi-auto shotgun - unknown cause/no data

I’m actually encountering this issue but it began after i encountered a glitch where my shotgun somehow turned into a “minigun” it was really fun i will admit because is just a shotgun minigun but after i left the game and came back I’ve been encountering this issue now.

I have had this happen as well on my PC. My COM-10 SMG dropped it’s secondary augmentation but kept the primary. My Granatgevar m/49 and my HP5 lost both primary and secondary augmentations.

Update to this post: It has also occurred on the N144 minigun. To note, all the weapons that have had augmentations vanish, the secondary augmentation has been hip shooter. The Granatgevar primary was Titan Toppler, the HP5 and the Minigun primary was Unstoppable Shells.

PC, STEAM, WIN 11, 16GB RAM, RTX 360 , I9 3.2GHZ
I have had the same situation, This is the second weapon that my primary augmentaion has disappeared from , not both of them, just one augment disappeared on them both,
it was the EMP DETONATION, As you can see the other weapon still has both now that i reinstalled it. Its a real bummer since it takes so long to get the Weapon parts.

(On PC)

To add: after seeing that one of my weapons was missing the augment I most recently gave it (I had upgraded the silver sprinting augment to gold, but the entire augment was removed), I tried re-adding the gold augment to the weapon, and then added a bronze augment to a separate weapon in the hopes that if the most-recent augment added/upgraded on a character was removed, the second weapon would shield the first. Unfortunately, after making sure the game saved - then logging out to the main menu and restarting the game - I found that both of the new augments had once again been removed. RIP weapon parts lol

edit - I should also note that the first weapon was in my character’s inventory, and was not moved anywhere else, and the second weapon was pulled from my Plundra, augmented, then returned to the Plundra.

I just had this happen to me now I logged into menu and left game in menu for about 30-40 mins and then as I return I logged into character any most of my weapons are unequipped and also some of them are missing their attachments… this is game breaking. How are you suppose to progress with these kind of bugs in this game this is no fun. Posting screenshots below. It also seems to unequip the companion as well. All I did is log in and check weapons because I noticed that something was off didnt access any storage boxes or anything this time. I do have multiple characters and 2 worlds made because of certain challenges not being shared with all the characters and certain ones sharing so yah… This is just getting to be annoying. Please look into this Devs if you need any other info let me know and I will gladly provide.


I just logged into other characters and for some the weapons are equped but the ammo is unattached to the weapons this just started like today I believe. One thing that is consistent I have noticed is that the companion is unequipped from the wheel on every character except the main character which is odd. Could this be related or linked to the companion runner?

The only real reason I have multiple characters is because of the limited loot storage. If you make 3 additional characters thats like 111+32 x3=429 of storage more on the alt characters I use them to store extra ammo or heavy equipment like tank mines, gas tanks, etc. I wish the items didn’t weight as much or we have had more of a cap. Not to mention the fuel cell recycling limits you to have 10 ro recycle. Having the engineer perk line researched and getting all these extra components seems useless. Please make more uses for these other components and maybe add a few extra like you did with the new gun from vulture and the battery recycling for this ammo. That would be nice to see with the small, medium, large fuel cells. At the moment they weight too much and dont give that much resources and are just a dropable item. Yes you can use the large one for some good explosions but the weight of it adds up pretty quickly if you even have more then 3 on you.
I feel like if there wouldn’t be much limit it might break the game as too much data storage in the persistent universe would cause lag as I am already at 1450/1600 and sometimes when moving lots of ammo it might lag for a brief second to 3 seconds. Not sure if this is game or PC related.

Same here. Weapons are loosing equipment and augmentation. The equipment (silencer, magazines, scopes) are still available in the backpack but detached from the weapon. It is annoying to equip the weapons several times and check all the time, if everything is still put together.

But alle the weapons parts which where used to upgrade the weapons with augmentation are completely lost when the weapon loses this. This makes it completely senseless to upgrade wepons. It takes a good chunk of time collecting enough weapons to get the parts and in a blink of an eye all the work was for nothing.

No issue on my side until now.
At least I don’t move my augmented weapons to the plundra.

I have them almost always on the wheel. Except the granatgevär. I switch it to the RPG if I attack a FNIX base.

Same issue
thought it was me dismantling the wrong weapon (since we still dont have a way to lock/protect a weapon).
But after playing numerous hours with this, i noticed it was removing SOME of my weapons’ augmentations every time after i exit and enter the game. Re-applying a n augment, then saving (force travel to trigger forced save) and logging off - when i return the weapons again have no augments.

This has only started happening in the last few days or so - i would say since the Skyfire Hotfix, or shortly thereafter…

Did you happen to store or go to the Workstation in one of your resistance bases?

The only time i lost augmentations and ammo and a weapon was removed happened after playing a defense mission checking and storing loot and immediatly after warping to another location.

Happened to me with multiple weapons. Augmentations or ammo was missing and sometimes even the weapon itself vanished. Hope there will be a fox soon :slight_smile:

Just the other day I had a gold quality (5 crown) sledge hammer and when I equipped it it showed a flamethrower. I was like wth so i unequiped it put it in storage and then it just kept doing it. so I was like ok well I guess today this sledgehammer is deciding to identify as a flamethrower he wants to be special lets give him some flamethrower ammo and see what happen. Maybe he needs to vent some frustration. and let me tell you it work he huffed and puffed and blew all the dam machines up. True story the next day he was back to being a sledgehammer. Kinda comical. This game is so fkin broken its just kinda became a joke to me at this point.