Weapon bug I can use it and change weapon

Hello I need to know if someone has this problem, I haven’t played Generation Zero for months and today I decided to have it since friends started playing it, and by surprise I find that I have an error that doesn’t let me use any type of weapon I only have the medkit in hand and I can’t even interact, the same is happening with my 4 Characters

You have to assign them to a slot first (through the inventory).

After that you can select an item by holding R1 and using the right stick for selection, or one of the 4 quick selection buttons.

With triangle (Playstation) you can then fast switch between the last 2 selections.

The wheel scores yet another kill… :wink:

I like the wheel much better than the controller interface, but then I play on PC. I wish the wheel had more slots, though, like the UI in Fallout 76 which goes from 1 to +. That’s my only complaint.

Yes, I already saw how the new weapon selection mechanics were, thank you all, I uninstall the game and install again it thinking that it was a technical problem, since I did not expect the change lol

I want to delete this discussion in some hours, because this games is amazing :grin: