Weapon deletion/ lossing a weapon

I was exploring a field having a good time when I was getting attacked… My tactic is usually finding a place to hide on the map and figure out a way to escape without wasting ammunition… however… I was being attacked by the new robot but I called the weaponized roly poly when I had gone on to my inventory to go to the map section when I found a place to go and hide I realized that whenever I click b would not let me out of the map section or the inventory at all… When I was able to finally escape the inventory I had died I proceeded to respond and continue exploring do note that when it had froze I had a experimental shotgun which was my favorite weapon to use due to the explosives whenever you shot it after I respond I didn’t notice at first but I had been missing my experimental shotgun I ran around a while before I quickly realized that I had lost it I went back to the location that it froze and it wasn’t there anymore if someone could respond to this if they have a experimental shotgun that they are willing to give or the game developers can just drop me one that’d be great I love the game and I love playing it but I do miss my experimental shotgun my platform is PC or Xbox but during this glitch I experienced it was on Xbox…thank you for taking the time to read this and sorry if some of it doesn’t make sense I had to use voice chat to type all this :slightly_smiling_face:

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