Weapon DLCs - Do both player need a DLC to be able to play it? -

Does only the host need to have a weapon DLC to access the weapons from it, or do both players in the lobby need to purchase the DLC?

My friend wanted to buy the American Weapons DLC and I wanted to buy the new Soviet Weapon DLC, but we don’t know if we both have to have them, to be able to play them.

I could only find DLC related requests to the map expansion DLCs. If there is already an existing thread I apologize.

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Anyone who wants to use US or Soviet DLC weapons has to have the DLC.

Few examples:

  • host has both DLCs, clients have none - only host can use weapons from both DLCs.
  • host doesn’t have neither of the DLCs, 1st client has US and 2nd client has Soviet DLC - host can’t use any DLC weapons, 1st client can use US weapons (since he/she has that DLC), while 2nd client can use Soviet weapons (again, since he/she has that DLC).
  • host and 2 clients don’t have neither of the DLC, 4th client has both DLCs - only 4th client can use weapons from both DLCs.

Same goes to the Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising DLCs as well. E.g if host has Alpine Unrest DLC, only those players can access Himfjäll who also have Alpine Unrest DLC. While for others, the island is locked.