Weapon drop rates

Is it just me or is certain 5 star weapons just not dropping at all. I have hunted maybe over a hundred fenix and apocalypse tanks and I never see the weapons I’m looking for. I have At-Wads out the wazooo! But the guns I’m looking for just don’t wanna drop. I’ve been wanting a 5 star .270 hunting rifle and the KVM89. I know 5 star weapons drop from those types only but man my luck has been sucking. I also have been wanting the experimental sledgehammer. I’ve killed two reapers and a bunch of rivals but besides the experimental I already have I just get bikes and clothing most the time. I gotten extra pvg 90s and KVM49s experimental to which I handed out to some friends but now I am sitting on 1 extra of each again. Is the RNG that bad or is my game just hating me.

I guess everyone has this problem.
There are so many 5c AT-WAD or N9 but the other guns are very rare, especially in higher levels. I’ve found/got just two Älgstudsare in my hole gametime with a 3c as best one for example.

And I got every experimental cloth (including FOA Exosuite from the reapers) at least twice.

This really needs to be changed somehow.

The DLC weapons have a higher chance of being dropped then the regular weapons. That makes them appear so often. And since AT-WAD and N9 are linked to hunters you will find them regularly instead of the other DLC weapons which are linked to harvesters and tanks. I just made a new thread suggesting improving the drop rates for the DLC weapons: Improvements to drop rates of DLC weapons

Some time ago I suggestes making a guaranteed drop of items after X kills of the same machine type. Especially when you hunt for certain items (like the 5* Älgstudsare) this can become extremely tedious since the drops are totally randomized. A guaranteed drop - say for every 20th kill of harvesters/tanks, every 100th kill of hunters/runners - would at least reduce the effort put in acquiring certain weapons.

In my last run I got the 5* Älgstudsare from my first FNIX harvester I killed. Although I was really happy at first, hunting FNIX harvester all of a sudden became useless to me since that was everything I want from them. So there is a fine line between having the drop chances too high or too low.

I feel you. The same drop chance logic applies for clothing schematics. The hunt here can even be more tedious and nerve-wracking :slight_smile:

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I totaly agree with you.
There are so many 4c scematics that are missing for me. That’s really nerve-wrecking.

Additionally I’m hunting for this damn experimental ear-piece (headset) since I’ve played about 2 hours, because my coop-partner got it really early… And that’s hundreds of hours ago.

For clothes (in my eyes) there has to be a limit of one for each piece, as you’re not able to share them with friends. Where is the sense of getting numerous of experimental clothes you already got when they don’t even have a special ability?

Instead I would be more happy to get more often clothing scematics or weapons with higher levels.

The same is about the normal clothes.

Why couldn’t there be pre-crafted clothes as drops from rivals or as rare loot in boxes/corpses for example?

I would have been really happy if I would have found a special jacket with a 5c ability in early game. Not the scematic itself, but a single jacket.

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Glad I am not the only one at least. My friends have had the best luck so far with most of them finding weapons that they want. One found a 5* N60 pretty early and was really happy about it. They all agreed that if they get the a 5* Älgstudsare or KVM89 they would drop it for me but still just seems like my luck is bad lol. The hunt continues I guess I just hope we hear some good stuff form the devs soon. I know they are working on more stuff for the base defense which will be dope just hoping some drop rates get tweaked to.