Weapon Ideas and an Ammo change

Ok here goes. I feel like there is a need of a .32 Cal SMG. I would suggest the Chech Scorpion Machine pistol, the MAC-11, or even better the Luty SMG in a Resistance 2 DLC pack. The Luty is a “make in your garage” SMG that Philip Luty developed and got thrown in jail for. the Version 2 was designed for .32 Cal.

You could even switch the COM-10 to a COM-11 and switch the ammo type, because you already have two other 9 mm SMGs

Why is 9 mm ammo separated into Handgun and SMG? In real life the pistols and the SMGs you have all take the same ammo. Please combine them.

Thank you for the game, keep up the good work.

This suggestion came quite often.
Why not? Some more use for this ammo type.

On the other hand, think of the dlc politics until now. All dlc guns are provided right from beginning. The first gun in the game is the .32 Möller, so its ammo is able to be found at almost every edge. If there would be a dlc gun for this ammo, you could immediatly change at the first plundra to the .32 smg. That would destroy most of the feeling of the first hours, maybe even more than the current dlc guns which start with very limited amount of ammo.

I read about the shared ammo some time ago, too, and questioned myself why there may be this seperation in Generation Zero. Maybe it’s because of the experimental ammo. With stopping the seperation you would be able to use 4 different types of experimental ammo for each 9mm gun. Imagine the experimental kpist with shock ammo :open_mouth:

No idea what else could have been the reason. Maybe they wanted different amounts of ammo for the loot table. Or the seperation was needed to define that we get more 9mm pistol ammo earlier and from easier enemies than we get 9mm smg ammo from.

They could add that gun with a free update because I also think we need one more weapon for that cal.
And the separate smg and pistol is fine with me. I almost never use a pistol anymore because of the wheel. But sometimes when I’m low on ammo for other weapons i use it. If I could use the pistol ammo for my smg then I would recycle the pistol because then there is absolutely no use for such a weapon since we dont have a sidearm slot.

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Actually, IRL the 9mm cartridges used in submachineguns (especially during 90’s sweden with the Kpist) used a different powder charge than the 9mm ammo for handguns. But as for the sake of convenience, I do agree with you. I think they should be merged into one ammo group.