Weapon Jamming and prevention maintenance

Rust, dirt, gunpower residue, blood, grease, oil, excessive damage, etc. These are things that can cause jamming or possible feedbacks in your weapon where you wont fire or a possible negative explosive result. To prevent this you either fix the problem or replace the used parts right? What if you not only do this but build or loot high end pieces to your weapons increasing its durability to above average stats.

In summary it would be really dope if there was a system to increase a basic 1 star weapon to a 5 star piece by piece instead of RNGing for one adding a jaming system to encourage those to better prep their weapons for the future of fire fights.


Far Cry 2 had weapon jams. While exaggerated, it did add to the realism/survival immersion.

Yes but they were one and done, meaning that once you picked up a weapon and fired it you loss durability until it broke. My suggestion is to add a system where finding a weapon shows its rating of parts within the weapon by max stars, disassemble it showing the better parts, and equip the parts to your weapon. The idea is based off from 7 days to die where scattered weapons are found but are unusable due to being broken.

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Ah I see. Yeah, GZ doesn’t need weapons getting destroyed, but some degradation can be added.

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Instead, how about simply adding a maintenance system? So you have to clean the weapon every now and then. But bear in mind that weapons designed for military service are designed to go farther between needing cleaning. That’s why there’s a trade off in say, a battle rifle that most troops are issued. Sure, it can go longer between services but the trade off is parts designed to fit a bit loosely so it won’t be super accurate at long ranges. Where a sniping platform will be more accurate at greater range but you have to be sure the bore is clean more often etc.

As for jams, in most box fed weapons the magazines actually contribute to most jams. Feeding is a big issue and if a magazine’s lips get worn or bent (say, from dropping), then it doesn’t feed quite like it should and you’ll get jams.

Maybe just have a dirt/service indicator that changes colors? Green means good to go and then that changes through yellow down to red. When in yellow you might get a jam now and then. When it gets into red accuracy begins to suffer from barrel fouling and it will jam a bit more often. The longer it is let go the longer you’d have to spend cleaning it.

This also means you now have to look for a cleaning kit and spend some down time just cleaning the thing. How realistic do you want it? Will you have to sit down and field strip the weapon? Clean the mags and gas ports like you should? Need to pick up a few tooth brushes and rags along the way?

As much as I love 7 Days, the idea of weapon parts wearing out was insane. A weapon can go for thousands of rounds before it even gets properly broken in. Then, as long as it is oiled and cared for, it can shoot tens of thousands of rounds without magically just snapping in half one day or puking its guts out or some other rubbish.

Sounds legit, i like it.

I’m bumping this topic since I’ve been thinking about weapon jamming and what a cool feature that would be. Thoughts?

I wouldn’t mind a repair system, but I have to wonder how much it really improves the fun factor of the game. Not like I’m gonna be jumping for joy each time my weapon jams up or stops working.

I think it would add some kind of strategic element to the game. Battle sometimes tend to be a little static in my opinion.

Lets say a random weapon jam event triggers if you fire more than X rounds in Y minutes.
Then you could either change the barrel or let that gun have a cool down. If you’re lucky the gun doesn’t jam at all. The quality of the weapon decides how big the risk of jamming will be.

Perhaps you could recycle barrels from weapons you find to be used as spares?

This would merit the same feature to extend to other items as well, e.g:

  • you throw a flare/firework and it doesn’t go off
  • you fire rockets with m/49 and some of them doesn’t explode on contact
    (has happened with me several times, with EMP rockets)
  • there is a chance that the grenade, smoke grenade and land mine is a dud


While the weapon jamming would add realism to the game, i don’t think devs want to make GZ more complex than it already is. Also, i prefer the current, rather simplistic way of weapon handling.


I don’t know, but the idea is somewhat appealing to me. It sure would bring more to at least MY game than corny stuff like experimental sledgehammers…

I’m trying my best to imagine gun jams being fun because I really love enhancements and new features.
This is how I imagine it, though:

I am running circles around a harvester and tank, all their hunters, runners, and ticks. I am going through rounds like mad and munching health kits. My gun locks up and I have two choices. I can attempt to go blind for like 10 seconds to switch out a gun barrel or I can wait it out with even more running in circles and more health munching. I would probably wait it out because I wouldn’t be carrying around extra weight in barrels (might as well just have yet another gun)… but let’s say I did. I would likely be dead by the time I was able to navigate the UI, switch out this barrel, and return to the fight. Some people might be able to do this really fast and get away with it. So maybe they benefit from this mini-game.

So, what I am picturing doesn’t really bring more to the battles, it just means more running in circles and more med kits. Now, if guns degraded and had to be repaired, it’s a little better. You can plan and get expected results as long as you plan accordingly. If I get messed up in a battle because I wasn’t careful to watch the condition of my guns, then it’s all on me. I failed to prepare myself. I either failed to observe, or I failed to obtain the necessary resources from the world to craft a repair kit or to fulfill whatever mechanic they might use.

I would hate it. I think the game is slow as it is in regards to reloading ammo, swapping items and such. Having the guns jam and break down over time would make me uninstall the game, that’s for sure.

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Good point! I guess it depends a lot on the play style you use. I’m not much of a ”runner-and-gunner”, so I guess I didn’t think of it that way.

But I think it’s more of that ”prepare yourself” thing I’m thinking about.