Weapon model jitter when adsing

PC: Steam
An issue affecting weapon models when ADSing, with and without a scope attached
Steps To Reproduce:
Best way to see said jitter is to equip a scope. Stand still and move the crosshair around, the scope reticle will move in a glitch-y fashion when the mouse is moved around
Images / Videos:
Video from another user demonstrating Here
Host or Client:
Single player
Players in your game:
0, Single player
PC is custom built, B650 Tomahawk WiFi, Ryzen 7 7700 CPU, RX 7900 XT GPU, DDR5 @ 6000mhz, Xmp enabled, PBO enabled, Crucial P5 NVme SSD 2TB

The only gun i’ve seen it happen on is vintovka 1891 or mosin it doesn’t matter if you are standing still or moving as alone you are ads the scope jitters around making it kinda annoying to hit anything at range

Btw this is on Xbox new gen X

I think this has been a glitch since the gun came out.