Weapon model Jitter

As a prelude to this, I have made a similar report but I did not provide my own video evidence, and the report was promptly ignored as its been close to 2 years since the report.

Platform: PC

Description: The weapon model bug is applicable to all weapons, the Red Dot sight seems to exaggerate the issue more.

Steps To Reproduce: Take the MP5, equip a Red Dot Sight, and Aim Down Sight, with either controller or mouse, you should notice rapid side to side movements of the whole weapon model that are outside of the normal sway and headbob effect

Images / Videos: https://youtu.be/6DbE6WXNqwI Own video of the current LIVE version of Gen0

Host or Client: Game was hosted Locally, IE Single-player.

Players in your game: 1, myself.

Specifications: GPU: RX 7900 XT CPU: Ryzen 7 7700 RAM: DDR5 6000 Mhz SSD: 2 TB Crucial P5 plus AMD Driver: 24.5.1 OS: Windows 11 Pro

Here is an updated video to those who cant see the jitter im talking about