Weapon Oil or "WD-40" to clean rusty or dirty weapons

This comes under basic weapon maintnance. The idea is to appriciate a clean weapon. The weapon can become dirty and rusty. The solution would be to use chemical degreaser to bring it up to scratch again. Inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2 where Arthur Morgan carries gun oil to clean rusty or dirty weapons which would be prone to misfire or jamming. in Generation zero there is the Messer Hunting Rifle, Old Shotgun and the Moller pistols as far I can see.

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I once made a topic for some ideas to improve late game.

Your idea comes close to one of these suggestions:

Intresting concept, your idea i think it may be based on “7 days to die” which features exactly what is mentioned. I do like it also. It follows the path that I set out here in the topic. But it is amazing to see how other games can inspire ideas for this one

I don’t even know “7 days to die”.

I just thought: Why are there so many guns to find, if you don’t have a need/use for them in the very most cases? And how could we bring them back into place?

You’re right! there are many weapons on repeat, they could be dissasembled and parts could be used in repairs