Weapon outfits/quick weapon switch ability

In games like Torchlight, Diablo, Elder Scrolls and other RPGs there are quick weapon switching abilities. Having two outfits of weapons would allow for a quicker fight.

Instead of hiding somewhere and fiddling in the inventory until you have the correct weapon equipped you could switch to the second/alternate weapon set and have it immediately in reach.

Sometimes I run out of ammo for a weapon or I want to switch to a more precise assault rifle and then I have to find a spot where I can struggle through the inventory in the hope this works without the need for an adrenaline shot.

You have two main weapon slots + one side arm weapon slot. What stops you equipping your assault rifle into one of the main slots beforehand? :thinking:

If we would have only one main weapon slot without side arm weapon slot, then this feature might be useful but at current state with 3 weapon slots in your disposal, i don’t see any use for adding more.

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How long do you actually need to switch a weapon? Have you ever timed it?

Well my fighting style is usually stealth based, having the Älgstudsare at 1 and the Kpist or AI76 on 2. When I’m spotted, being ambushed or require a different approach during the fight I switch to the Kpist or AI76. But it happens that the ammunition of the weapon runs out or I need to switch to a more precise assault rifle (like from Kpist to AI76) I have only the sidearm or the Älgstudsare at my disposal.
This is exactly the moment when I need to find a spot to switch weapon without dying.

Well I didn’t time it but there are multiple steps to achieve the weapon switch in the inventory.
Press I > click twice on the weapon type icon (the first click in the inventory usually gets omitted for me) > select the weapon > press E > select the correct slot > exit the inventory > press 2.
I guess 3 to 5 seconds would seem a reasonable time.

As a programmer I’m used to have shortcuts for (almost) everything and have to do things in such a cumbersome way seems avoidable to me.

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I feel 5 second that is very long, I think 3 seconds or less.
Edit: On second thought, in reality is more like you said.

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PRO TIP: Leave the weapon you use most often in slot 2 and interchangeable in 1. This way you only need to select a weapon and hit E twice, then ESC, and you’re done.


Using KB shortcuts does make switching weapons much faster.


  • open inventory (i’ve binded it to X)
  • press C (to switch to the main weapon list)
  • select your weapon with mouse
  • press E (to bring up equip pop-up)
  • press E again (to equip it in 1st slot)
  • close inventory

So, for me, it’s quick press of: X, C, mouse click, E, E and X.

Tools are there, now it’s just the matter of getting hang of it.


Those are really good tips. I just need to get my head around to remember having the weapons reversed. But a little bit exercise should do the trick. Thank you :beers:

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What I really miss is the ability to change weapons quickly. Now you have to wait a very long time, you can have a cup of coffee while waiting :slight_smile:
How to solve the problem: create a corresponding perk with 2-3 levels, or shorten the changing time without creating a new perk.
I also agree with the above ideas.

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