Weapon Pack DLC content (weapons) lost and weapons disappearing

Hi, just purchased this game and was loving it, UNTIL, 1 fast travel and I lost both the American & Soviet weapons packs I have paid for!!, why?, and is there a fox for this does anyone know?.
I was playing solo, haven’t played online at all, and simply fast travelled from one location to the other, and lost content.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks “Grumpy old man gamer”
I’ve also just noticed I’ve lost quite a lot of other items, 50cal sniper etc.
At the very least this is bad programming and needs to be fixed!, but at worst!!, this is out & out THEFT, of my hard earned money, and totally bang out of order.
A very “Grumpy old man gamer”….


What do you exactly mean by “lost paid for DLC” ??
Your DLCs have vanished from your game inventory after a fast travel ? (Btw, it would be good to know which platform you’re on ?)
Or did you “only” lose DLC weapons from your player inventory or from your Plundra ?

About the first “scenario”, I guess that would be near to impossible to lose DLCs on e.g. Steam by just playing the game.

About the second one, it is possible to lose ingame content trough glitches or having a bad save might ruin it all. At least that was a thing some time ago before the saving system changed. So if you’re on PC it might be a good idea to back up your save file from time to time (btw I’m doing that still after each session and even in between if I reached some “milestone”).

But if you “only” did lose some DLC weapons, that’s no “theft”, just bad luck and lost progress but you should be able to find them again.

My 2 Ct

We’re you able to find said weapons other places in the world, and just losst them from your immediate inventory, or are they entirely gone?

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Like the others have said, if you can provide anymore details about the issue, that would be helpful. Like what platform you are on, where you fast-travelled, which DLC you have, etc.


PS4. I did a fast travel from “Saltholmen” safe house, to somewhere near the beginning of map, at this point I don’t recall exactly where. The point however is I “lost🤔” both the American & Russian weapon pack DLC’s(which I paid for), I also lost .50cal sniper I’d collected and a few other items like scopes etc, simply by fast traveling, my PlayStation account of course still shows as purchased & downloaded.
However I don’t have them, I went back to the place at the time (as I knew where it was, it had just happened), and they where my anywhere to be found….
For someone to loose DLC, that’s been purchased through bad game code is not acceptable. What if I was a kid who’d spent their pocket money on this!!!. However I’m not, I’ve been gaming on PlayStation from the beginning(yes I am dinosaur old). It’s not the sum of money necessarily, it’s the fact that it shouldn’t happen, and when it does what recourse does one have?…
The fact remains I purchased DLC in good faith, and this game “which I love by the way” STOLE IT!!!….
Lastly, My apologies for double posting, it was an unintentional breech of etiquette and guidelines by me, so I apologise, my bad.
Also, any fan of this game if they haven’t already, should go check out the new “War of the worlds” series on Disney+, possibly “starz” channel on it. You will totally recognise the landscape atmosphere but mostly “the machines”…
So back to it, I’d love to know why this has happened and what recourse there is for someone who’s paid “in good faith” for a product which then in 48hrs disappears!!!, for no “good” or “discernible” reason, as for it “not being theft”, like I said, it’s either “poor/incompetent programming” or, OR!!!, “straight up “theft!!”, and as your clearly implying it’s not “theft”, then you can draw your own conclusions.
Thanks for the time, sorry to be such a f​:duck:wit about it…:v:t2:

Ps it was also the “ Granatgevär” I lost which I had found stashed in a hidden cave…

Ah Ok, it got a little bit clearer for me.

So you lost some weapons from your inventory because of a glitch during fast travelling…
Sad to hear and I feel for your loss but these things happen.

Now on to the part “I paid for that DLC weapons”… well… yes and no… you paid for the ability to find and use these weapons in your game and on top of that you get a 3* (the blue ones) Version of every DLC weapon plus accesories stashed in your Plundra. And if you drop these weapons (or lose them through a glitch) they’re gone. But you can find these weapons in your world again (mostly from dead machines) and if chosing the right machine class, even in better conditions like 4 or 5* (purple and golden/yellow)

So you actually didn’t lose anything you paid for, just the initially delivered blue 3* weapons from the DLCs.
Btw I guess no one uses these blue version for too long and struggles to find purple or golden ones as soon as possible.

All I can say is, step out and wreck some machines to find better Versions of your lost weapons.
Oh and you can find some threads about the DLC weapons and which type and class of machine drops what weapon. E.g. AT-WADs from the russian DLC drop only from Hunters, golden from APOC/FNIX, purple from FNIX, and so on…

My 2 Ct.

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Hey, sorry to hear you’ve ran into this glitch. I’ve heard of it before but as far as I understand it’s fairly uncommon. From what I’ve been told the devs are aware of this issue, but the more information that can be given the better.

Like @Kimosabe_X says above, the DLC also enables these guns to be found in the game world, from Machines that you kill. The more advanced the Machines are, the better quality the drops.

Hey @Edvis1975 :wave:

Sorry to hear that you’ve lost weapons, that really sucks.

How @Kimosabe_X describes it (below) is how the DLC’s work, owning the DLC gives you one 3* of each weapon and some attachments, and the ability of finding the DLC items as loot.

If I understand correctly you have lost the following weapons (correct me if I’m wrong);

  • US Weapon Pack Weapons (All three weapons)
  • Soviet Weapon Pack Weapons (All three weapons)
  • 50 Cal Sniper (PVG90)
  • Granatgevär (Grenade Launcher)
  • Weapon scopes, etc (???)

We have a ticket for tracking and gathering info on this issue and if you could help clarify some things and answer some questions that’d be really helpful and we thank you for your time.

  1. Did anything out of the ordinary or particular occur around the time the weapons were lost? (e.g. internet outage, power outage, or something unusual happened in-game, etc)

  2. I assume these weapons where in your inventory and not in the storage container OR a loot container on the ground when they were lost, is that correct?

  3. Did you notice that all weapons had disappeared at the same time, or have they been disappearing on a few occasions over time?

  4. Is there any chance you have multiple characters on your account? IF that is the case if you check if the characters do not have the weapons that you are missing? check their inventory AND their plundra storage container.

  5. We have had an issue where weapons are accidentally dropped into loot containers while looting and although we have committed a partial fix for it (currently live on Steam and PS4, not yet XB1) we intend to do some more work to minimize the risk of it occurring. Is there any chance that this (accidentally dropping weapons/items in loot container while looting) could have happened to you? (See this message for more info → [Disappearing Weapons] Weapon and all attachments disappeared - #79 by Avalanche_knivspark)

  6. If you look at the DLC’s and content installed for Generation Zero on your playstation storage is it shown as installed? IF it is maybe try re-installing them if you haven’t already.

I have never seen a case as bad as this where someone has lost all of these weapons, other reports are fairly rare and usually about losing x1 weapon, so you seem to have been really unlucky here :confused:

Our investigation of the issue of disappearing weapons is on-going and although we have yet to identify why it happens and what is causing it reports and information like this gives us a better idea of understanding it and figuring out what is happening.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting! :pray:

I purchased the DLC, installed and plyed. All was ok, but after a save the weapons desapeared. I reinstalled the game and nothing happens. What happened. Any help?

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Also, did you drop the weapons in MP game so your buddy, who doesn’t have the DLC, can have the new weapons?

No I do not play in MP

In that case, follow the link given in my previous reply and fill it out. Post the filled out form in here.

Platform: PC

Description: I had the weapons in my inventory, and after exiting and starting again they were gone

Steps To Reproduce: Just start the game

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Specifications: DELL icore 7

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