Weapon Proficiency system

In a game featuring the idea where teenagers are entering a war torn like area its understandable that you are indeed new to the type of lufe where each bullet could be your last. What doesnt make any sense is that your expertise in weapons are already existing no matter what weapon you use. Literally any weapon. Espically an recoilless rifle. A large rocket launcher specifically designed to ruin a tankers day and some random punk can use it like any other soldier. But i digress because my issue doesn’t involve with this, but the fact that in order to gain better weapon handling skills i need to slowly level up to gain one point to upgrade my handling skills such as aming speed, reload speed, weapon damage etc etc. I propose the idea of individual weapon proficiency. Handguns, Rifles (with all three firing actions), sniper rifles, shotguns, Thrown equipment, mounted weapons (would be pretty cool if there were mounted weapons as in but not limited to lmgs, mortor, anti armour missiles and lasers) and placed traps like claymores or C3 experimental explosives before the C4 were developed.

In each paragraph i will discuss an idea in developing thus system ingame from how proficiency is accumulated andwhere the accumulated skills will be developed.

·How pro points are acquired.
There are individual weapon types that categorizes what points are acumulated. Each type of weapon has specific skills that increases in level not only from prolonged use but in its specific trademark that nakes that weapon special here is one example:

-Aiming speed
-Stability with automatic fire
-Stability with Semi-Auto Fire
-Stability with Burst Fire
-Recoil absorbtion
-Reload Speed
-Weapon Sway
-Weapon Swap Speed
-Spread pattern when standing, crouched, prone, hip firing on the move or standing still, hip firing during sprint.

Each specific skill is increased in level depending not only on how well you shoot but how long you do a specific action. ex:

-Aiming speed:Each ADS ( Aim down sights) improves your reflex decreasing the time it takes to aim.

-Stability with automatic fire: Each accurate shot that hits the enemy while firing with the switch on automatic improves your control.

-Spread pattern: When Firing your shots either hits or nearly misses its mark, teaching you that breathing and a steady hand helps to keep focus.

-Recoil Absorbtion: Firing your weapon for prolonged periods of time strengthens your muscles and understanding of the firearm.

In future updates i hope theres more to adding to weapons than just simple add ons like mag sizes or suppressors, but things such as barrel grips, better more specific sights, stocks, underbarrel attachments and such that can not only improve weapon handling but be used to multiply in pro points when equipped such as using sights makes better markaman with weapon sway and spread pattern. Just an idea.

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interesting idea, but i think you did a rather poor job at explaining how exactly it would be implemented. please give a bit more info, if possible :slight_smile:

Get rid of current combat skills, implement a proficiency based system based on actual combat experience, meaning the more time you spend in combat the better you perform. Simple.

it’s not as “simple” as you might make it seem
how exactly will XP be rewarded?
will there be level limits?
what happens to exsisting skills?
and so on.