Weapon rebalancing

Weapons need to be rebalanced a RPG or M49 should be able to deal massive amounts of damage to any level machine regardless of its rating and the .50cal definitely needs to be buffed seeing as it takes way to many rounds to kill even hunters

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It depends on where you hit them, the ammo type, the weapon class and the difficulty settings.
On standard difficulty with exp pvg I often need:

Prototype: 1 shot
Military: 2-3 shots
Fnix: 3-5 shots
Apocalypse: more (in general 3 shots exp pvg and one magazine of exp ag4)

I feel like you regarding this.

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I agree the RPG/M49 does not do the damage most players expect it to do for it’s size and weight. But it could be the way it is being used. The blast goes outward a lot more than inward. It does not penetrate armor very well, so on a tank it’s not the best weapon to use unless you hit it from the back side.

But when used on a group of smaller machines, they all take damage and if it is near a group of runners they are almost always wiped out. Ever notice hitting a hunter in front and he may not be destroyed? Hit something near him like a harvester and not only him but his buddies near him also are destroyed or take heavy damage, with damage done to the harvester as well.

A sabot type round for the RPG/M49 would be best against the heavy armor of tanks, harvesters and the front of hunters, but that is not in the game…YET!

I use the .50 extensively and i know it depends on shot placement but this is supposed to be an anti material rifle and a 270 does more critical damage then it does

The RPG does do penitration type damage but its still underwhelming in the it can one shot most modern-day tanks with a well placed shot

I’m with you with the .50 cal and the M49. Since I dont have a RPG I can’t say anything about it.
Regarding the .50 cal the exp version is fine. The Standard version however is very disappointing. In my opinion it should have a penetrating effect like the exp version but only 0,5-1 m deep. It should for example just penetrate the chest of a hunter. It could have still the same amount of damage it deals to one component but it should deal it to all in its path. In sum it would deal more damage if you shoot the right spot.