Weapon Swap Bug

Platform: XBOX

Description: Whenever I leave a scope and try to swap weapons sometimes it does not swap weapons as intended, in the video I consistently recreate this with one swap afterward to prove that it is not solely a bug with swapping (this is post August update, and note that this is an issue on both options to swap weapons [hold vs double tap])

Steps To Reproduce: [1:] Scope in [2a:] Scope out [2b:] Quickly hit the swap weapon key before the scope out animation takes place, most likely you will fail to swap weapons

Images / Videos: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qrCPErXiYFbxThe5lpO9ug83RgrpXxq5/view?usp=sharing

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 2 Including myself

Specifications: XBOX One X with client on XBOX One

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weird that’s never happened to me and I play on x-box :thinking:

I’m not sure whether this is a bug or just a certain delay caused by the scope out animation. Nevertheless, it is soooooo annoying. I hope the devs remove this delay.

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This has been an ongoing issue since day 1 (in both MP and single player), I believe this is with the tier 2 4-8 scope on the early hunting rifle (maeusseur or somthing, I don’t speak swedish fluently) but it is also an issue with the 1-4 scope for the AK4 and 1-4 scope for the pump shotgun.

I get this issue all the time because I kinda spam the buttons when in combat, if something pops up and I need to swap to a close range gun I hit the swap button at least 5 times before descoping, then hit it a few times during the descope animation until it psuedo swaps like so. This issue is near constant for me. I have to deliberately slow myself down or else this happens, kinda impossible during the heat of the moment.

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Same issue here on PC. I see it most with the rifles, especially the Pvg 90.

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This has been happening to me for about a month. I’m on xbox one too.

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happens to me everyday in ps4 i use sniper and then i want to use ak-47 and he just bugged and stay with the sniper so i have to press again and again so he can go to the ak