Weapon Switching Is Unreliable

Xbox One S

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Change weapons during combat

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This is a small issue but I find it very annoying during combat. Sometimes when I switch weapons it will pull out the same weapon. The other weapon will be highlighted on the UI but I’ll still be holding the same weapon. Then I have to push the button 2 more times before it actually switches.


That’s been around for ages (on the XBox anyway) you just end up cycling the same weapon all the time (got my character killed multiple times.)

Happens on the One-X as well.

It’s worth posting a video of it which I would do but my XBox died 2 weeks ago and I’m still fighting with the retailer about my replacement (had a 7 day replacement policy on it.)

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Happens on PC as well. It’s been reported, but never acknowledged.


Same on ps4 as well, As long as I hold down the triangle button and not a quick tap it normally works maybe 5/10 times, Got me killed many times as well, I find running works well.


Hi! I’ve personally carried this issue to the devs as it is something many players are complaining about. I hope it gets fixed soon, and sorry for the inconvenience!


Thank you for the quick response!