Weapon upgrade thought

after walking in high level zone’s (mountain and north coast) and still finding loads of one crown weapons, i got an idee about them.

why not make the following possible:
2 x 1 crown of a weapon makes a 2 crown weapon.
3 x 2 crown make a 3 crown one.
4 x 3 crown makes a 4 crown.
well you can fill out the rest.

what do you all think about that? to easy, to boring?

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I personally think that the one thing that could make crafting more interesting would be to craft better weapons or “unique” weapons.


I think this won’t work for me because my storage is almost and always full and gathering weapons to craft higher crowns takes a lot of storage and at the point where you have a 5 or 6 crown weapon, you’ll never make another one, so it might be useless. .to craft more unique weapons, maybe for weapons that don’t currently have 6 crowns is more of interest or that you can finally craft adrenaline shots^^

I think the greatest problem would be, that you would need some kind of scematic, as this is what you need for every other craftable stuff.

And now think of how or when you should be able to get these scematics.

  • By loot? From any kind and type of machine or just by rivals? Limited to a specific player-level like the experimentals (from level 25 on)?
  • By world, like the normal (1c to 5c) scematics for clothes and ammo?
  • As reward for homebase-defenses like the experimental ammo?

These solutions or possibilities would make it necessary to spent much time to get all scematics you need, to travel all around the map, to be far in story progress or in your characters level… Or in other words: too late to be really useful, as you probably would have found almost every weapon since then.

One possible and new way to get these scematics could be a new skill-tree (the mechanic) and a rised level capacity.
Imagine to spent your skillpoints on crafting-skills to be able to create things you would find ways later in the game… Or even things that noone else of your party can craft… With the negative side-effect that you wouldn’t have spent them on other important skills in early game.

I personally love this idea. :wink:

I personally think that while the updates which have come out since launched have overall improved the game, they’ve also made it kind of “messy”.
More and more I think they should give the game an overhaul. Since the game now has support for NPC’s, why not give each bunker a few? One bunker could be the official home of the resistance and whenever players find survivors, these spawn at that bunker. Some fill a purpose, like a weapon technician.

Said technician could take multiple guns of the same type and either build a single one with a higher rating or specialized for a particular purpose. Maybe a marksman version of the AG4, which sacrifices full auto and speed to aim down sights in exchange for damage output?

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I’m not sure, as I bought and started the game with all dlcs, but haven’t the npcs been introduced with the dlcs or are there some npcs just in the main game, too?

Haven’t played in a while, but last time I played, the only humans in the entire game were DLC content.
When the game first came out, there were barely any dead bodies in the game. I believe the only ones were a handful of dead soldiers, all sitting in the exact same pose.
The game had a very different vibe back then, much more mysterious. Players used to wonder what had happened to all the people because of the lack of bodies.