Weapon wheel/ throwable’s wheel

(Xbox One) This game is in desperate need of a weapon wheel system where you can also equip (or just cycle) through all throwable items in your inventory. It is baffling how the devs thought it would make sense after you threw your last nade, flare or whatever is equipped in the slot, to have to open your inventory mid fight to equip something else in that place… I see them playing the game all the time on YouTube, streaming it to the audience, yet it’s almost as if this idea has never even crossed their mind. It may not be that big of a deal when you’re playing with 3 others, but trust me, this is detrimental for the solo player. Please incorporate ANY change where we can switch weapons and throwables on the go ASAP!!


Using buttons to cycle through your slots feels archaic.

Well the keys do.
Use the keys.
You can even rebind them, to your liking.

And yes, failing to say what platform, I must simply conclude that you are on PC.

I am on Xbox Series X, and this is sorely needed. It is truly a pain to switch weapons and throwables the way things are now. Great suggestion.