Weapon Wheel Unintuitive/Needs improvement

I’ve been playing Gen0 almost since release, and I’ve absolutely loved it. The weapon Wheel has been an excellent addition, although it has broken my Gen0 experience. As a controller player, the new weapon wheel has made the game 3x harder.
Some general issues I’ve had with the weapon wheel while in the middle of a firefight:

  • Holding RB to bring up the wheel, and hitting a button (A,B,X,Y) more than half the time doesn’t change the item I’m holding the first time, having to do it again.

  • Having both thumbsticks move the directional arrow on the weapon wheel often has me swapping to items I don’t want while I’m in the process of running from or dodging robots. An option to use only left or right thumbstick would make this much easier.

  • Having removed pressing Y to swap my weapon has gotten me killed many times as I’m now forced to bind my weapons to a slot on the wheel, where as having both options of using the wheel and pressing Y should be available. Having Y be the previous weapon you used would be fine, but having it be any previous item you were holding is incredibly annoying when I want to press Y to swap to my previous weapon and I take out an EMP or a Flare instead, having to go into the weapon wheel, and then having one of the previously mentioned issues happen to me, this had gotten me killed more often than not.

  • Items should also be selected when letting go of the thumbstick, Not when letting go of RB. It would make things much more intuitive as while in the middle of combat, having to let go of RB first means my character turning/running in a direction I don’t want them to while being shot at, again, getting me killed.

These are all obviously personal issues and suggestions, but There are many other games that have done the weapon wheel in a much better way with some of the suggestions I’ve brought up and the one currently implemented has caused me much grief personally. You guys have done an incredible job on this game, and I’m definitely loving the new enemy types and environmental changes. keep up the amazing work!


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