Weapons / Attachments List

Hi guys and gals,
as the equipment system and all the guns and attachments (especially attachments) may feel a little confusing for some players, I decided to come up with a simple list of all the guns and relevant attachments sorted in a way I find the most comfortable. I’ll gladly share it with you :slight_smile:
Take care people!

Small edit to make the image show up.


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Since i corrected the upload link, image now shows and scales just fine. Clicking it enlarges it and people can also download it directly from our server, so, another link isn’t needed.

Oh, we also have GZ wiki where every weapon including attachments they can have are listed,
link: https://generation-zero.fandom.com/wiki/Weapons

Edit: Btw, your list is incomplete.
Missing items:

  • shotgun silencer
  • submachine gun barrel extension
  • AI-76 extended mag
  • AG4 extended mag
  • AG5 extended mag
  • Red dot for assault rifles
  • LMG compensator
  • LMG silencer
  • KVM 59 extended mag
  • KVM 89 extended mag

And errors:

  • AI-76 can only take Red Dot scope. It can not take 1-4x rifle scope.
  • AG4 can take 4-8x scope as well.
  • .243 and .270 can take 1-4x scope too.
  • .50 cal (PVG90) can not take 4-8x scope.
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Machine gun silencer / compensator?

While the order of how you list them (e.g putting handguns 1st or SMGs 5th) is up to you, there are two kinds of lists that you can make:

  1. list that lists every attachment weapons can have
  2. list that lists only those attachments that you, personally, deem worthy

If your list is the 2nd one, then topic title and the message it sends needs changing since at the moment, it applies to the 1st one.

If you would’ve read what i wrote, then you’d know that i already listed LMG compensator and LMG silencer as one of the missing items. Not sure why would you point it out 2nd time.

To be fair I actually gave up listing all that was missing.

Feel free to delete.

6* Experimental’s not planned then?

I’ll enlist them gladly when I get some info about them.
I’m a relatively new player, lvl29, joined Friday the 1st of May. Only 100hours played but haven’t found any experimental weapon yet…
Nevertheless I enjoy the game very much and actively seek for players with microphones to play with in coop :wink:

About that…

  • You listed Red Dot for Shotguns while only 12G shotgun can take Red Dot. Semi-auto shotgun can not take any scope.
  • You listed 3 rockets for m/49 while there are 4 different rockets of it. You’re missing Chaff rounds (latter being the rarest ammo in game with only one, secret source for them).
    Proof of Chaff rockets existence in here: Is RPG worth it?
  • I still don’t see 4-8x scope being compatible with AG4 in your 2nd list revision.

Here’s the thing, you can not talk for everybody nor decide what everyone else should use, based on your own preferences.

For example, i find AG4 with 4-8x scope extremely useful and this combo is my main weapon across all 4 chars i have.

You can make two lists, 1st one of all attachments and 2nd one of your preferences of which attachments you like to use. This way, people can decide themselves which attachments to use and they might take your preference as a guideline.

No. For videos, text files and other files, they need to be linked. Only images can be uploaded to our server.

At the current moment, there are in total of 7 experimental weapons in game but devs plan to add experimental weapon for each vanilla weapon eventually.

List of experimental weapons (spoiler alert)
  1. 12G pump-action shotgun
  2. Klaucke 17 pistol
  3. AG4 assault rifle
  4. PVG 90 sniper rifle
  5. m/46 Kpist SMG
  6. m/49 recoilless rifle
  7. KVM 59 machine gun

Also, all experimental weapons can take the same attachments as their vanilla counterparts. What sets them apart is that experimental weapons have special ability. E.g Klaucke 17 fires EMP rounds with a chance of powering down the machine while m/49 fires two rockets at once.

To get the experimental weapon, your char level must be 25 or higher and you need to kill Rivals. The higer the rival level - the better the chance of getting experimental weapon.

I don’t use it universally, but it is a really solid platform for that rifle.