Weapons best use and modification

It would be nice if we could share our best tips on how to make the best use of GZ’s various weapons, and how to utilize different attachments. Most of the weapons can be modified to suit different approaches to combat, and players may be using weapons that are not optimized for their playstyle, without even realizing it.

I bet many of us could give some really useful tips to both new and seasoned players on this subject!

Please let us know if you have a good idea about how to make the best use of one or more weapons in GZ, and what playstyle it’s suited for.

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I got the idea to write this after playing online with some fresh players. These guys modified their assault rifles for long range engagement, but they always approached the machines and fought them at close range. Maybe it’s easy to think “the more, the better” when adding attachments, but you only end up cheating yourself if you don’t consider what the attachments actually do.

Anyway, these are my personal preferences for how I use my weapons, with a Vanguard, combat-focused playstyle.

.44 Magnus. Iron sights. Silencer. FMJ ammo.
I use it to hip-shoot or quick aim at Ticks and Runner’s fuel tanks at close range.

Experimental Kpist. Iron sights. Ext. barrel. Ext. magazine. AP ammo.
Very effective in close range combat. Short, controlled bursts against Runners, or emptying full mags against medium and big machines. Low recoil allows for precise hip-shooting at close ranges.

Sjöqvist or Pump-Action (5* version). Iron sights. Choke. Buckshot ammo.
Good for running quickly in circles around Runners and Hunters while hip-firing at them.

Assault Rifle:
Experimental AG4. ACOG sight. Silencer. Ext. magazine. Any ammo.
Perfect for small groups of Runners and Hunters, and especially when fighting from cover. Good pr. shot damage, and easy to hit moving machines with controlled bursts.

Experimental KVM 59. Iron sights. Compensator. Ext. magazine. Any ammo.
Goes without saying? Enough ammo pr. reload to take down 10 Runners, 3-5 Hunters or 1 Harvester. I think this gun is definitely easiest to control with iron sights and a compensator. Reduced recoil skill also helps a lot. Some people say this gun is an “ammo waster”, but I disagree. I think it’s quite controllable, even when holding down the trigger. You can’t hip-fire this gun of course, but you didn’t try that, right?

Sniper rifle:
Experimental PVG 90. 6-12 scope. Full vis. mod. Ext. magazine. Any ammo.
My main uses for this is one-shotting Runners, softening up or taking down Hunters, picking the weapons and armor off a Tank, or if I’m quick and aim well, I can use it to completely take down a Harvester before it’s able to call in backup. And IMO, the 6-12 scope is by far the best choice. 6x zoom is ok for close range sniping, and 12x zoom is more than enough for most long range encounters.


Älgstudsare. 4-8 scope. Full vis. mod. Silencer. FMJ ammo.
Good alternative choice if you need to lay low. Hiding in a bush and quietly sniping Seekers and Runners is really fun! No good against the top 3 machines, though.

Grenade launcher:
Not worth it, in my humble opinion. Bring extra .50 cal ammo instead.
If anything, the launcher has to be considered most effective against groups of Hunters and especially Runners. Also, a support player with a launcher, shooting EMP rounds could be useful in MP.


No red dots? For most of my close range weapons, I at least put on a red dot. Does help with aiming.

I’m still a beginner, just entered the farmlands region. As of now, I have a 3 star kpist with red dot, any ammo, 2 star magazine, silencer. 1 star AI-76 with red dot, 4 star mag, any ammo. 2 star klauke, 1 star mag, silencer, any ammo. 1 star grenade launcher, as of now, only HEDP ammo. Now, heres where things get a little tricky. I usually carry 1 more weapon, I switch between my 2 star pump with a choke, and a 2 star Meusser, 6x12 scope, silencer and any ammo.

Honestly, the Meusser doesn’t do much damage, but its about my only decent long range, good for sniping runners. I did recently pick up a 3 star Auto4, so I may be switching up my assault rifle.

Also picked up some 2 star HP5’s, but I dont think I’ll be switching. The kpist does more damage, and is a better rarity.

As for my grenade launcher pick, I provides some decent damage againts the big mechs, and is really useful if a bunch of smaller ones are clustering around. Once took out a hunter and half a dozen runners in addition to the 10-15% damage to the tank they were clustering around.

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@NJR87 @HoneztMistake

  • The Hunting rifles with a silencer and long range scope are great to take care of runners.
    Red dots might look great, but they aren´t as useful as in other action games (where they are always).

  • Red dots are better with shotguns for close range, scopes for long range, i find myself attacking groups of runners and Hunters and retreating after each magazine is used.

  • Scopes are also very useful to detach Harvester and Tanks weapons systems, although you can use the PVG90 but it makes the game too much easy at times.

  • Grenade launcher is too much weak and useless, some people claim it is useful to take care of runners, it´s true but ammo is more scarce and runners move a lot.
    So, the main purpose of a Grenade launcher should be to attack bigger and armored targets (Tanks, Harvester) never do that, it´s a waste of ammo.

  • I like to use the experimental pistol, it serves as the normal purpose of a handgun for military forces, as a backup weapon and close space weapon, also great to take care of runners.

  • The Lmgs are good to keep supressive and fast fire on targets, but reloading takes more time, time you don´t have if you are under attack by more than 2 hunters (which can be neutralized with 250 rounds)

  • There´s not that many different attachments, i usually fill the weapons with them, but with the right ones :wink:

  • Firepower comes first, i only use silencers with Pistols and Rifles, the stealth mechanics aren´t that great so i don´t find it that usefull unless you´re fighint small runners groups.

  • For some reason i find myself to almost never use the SMG´s, I even like them, maybe they waste too much ammo? I always prefer the assault rifles to them.

  • The experimental shotgun with Birdshot ammo is great against harvesters at close range (although now with Hunters pods supporting them i don´t know they´re that good anymore).

This is my play style and works playing solo, but i´m sure others have found other ways, a good thing about this game is that there is more than just 1 way to approach each fight

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@HoneztMistake That’s right, I only have the ACOG sight on the AG4, on that weapon it «behaves» well. I avoid using it on weapons where I only shoot on full-auto, like the Kpist and the KVM 59. On experimental weapons the iron sights are red tritium, so they’re easy to aim with. Also, when using iron sights, you get a much better view of your surroundings while shooting. The main annoyance with the red dot sight is that it vibrates up and down like crazy while you’re shooting, especially on the KVM. Stick to your sights if that’s what you like. Early in the game they’re probably more useful, since you want to make sure every bullet counts. When you’ve played long enough that you have a ton of ammo, and you want to shoot as many machines as quickly as possible with it, you should give the iron sights a try. I played for a long time without even thinking about it, but I was really surprised by how well it worked when I first decided to try. :blush:

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I go A4, assault barrel, 4x8, mag and .50 16x8 scope, all gold.

Kinda noob still but got many (“rare” achievements already)
(still in starting area and have about 24hrs logged)
(* = Rarity)

Side arm:
Möller PP ** (Ticks/Seekers/Runners)

  • .32 FMJ
  • Silencer **
  • Ext Mag **
  • Iron Sights

12G Pump ** (Close Quarters/Hunters)

  • Buckshot
  • Iron Sights

Meusser Hunting Rifle ** (Runners/Seekers)

  • .243 FMJ
  • Silencer **
  • 4x8 **

M/46 “Kpist” ** (Anything)

  • 9mm FMJ
  • Silencer *
  • Ext Mag **
  • Iron Sights

Automatgevär 4 ** (Anything)

  • 7.62 FMJ
  • Red Dot SIght **