Weapons cannot be SEEN by co-op players

Platform: XB1

Description: Other players cannot see current weapons when equipped by other players. The experimental pvg in particular.

Steps To Reproduce: Start the game. Join co-op. Happens immediately and every time.

Images / Videos: Nope

Host or Client: Were you hosting a multiplayer game? Or did you join somebody else session? Hosting and joining co-op.

Players in your game: How many other players were in your game?

2 in co-op

Specifications: What are the hardware specs of your PC or which XBox, PS4 console were you playing on?

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I have the same issue.

Platform: Xbox One.

Description: Weapons and items can sometimes not be seen by other players, instead showing other weapons or objects. And sometimes they’re not help properly. Additionally, players can’t see or hear other players shooting.

Steps To Reproduce: Play Co-Op.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Either.

Players in your game: 2

Specifications: Base game with no DLCs. Version 1903375.


Xbox One (original)


When playing in Coop my buddy said I appeared to be holding binoculars at all times and weapons didn’t display. Similarly, I could never see him shooting. None of his bullets were visible.

Steps To Reproduce:

Just play XBO Coop :slight_smile:

Images / Videos:


Host or Client:

Client, but host confirmed the same behaviour from his perspective.

Players in your game:



XBO (original)

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