Weapons changing in Inventory but not in game

Platform PC

In the heat of a battle with lots of robots I go to Inventory and switch out Weapons. Go back to the game and the old weapons are still there. Go back to Inventory and it does show the weapons were changed. Rough when you run out of ammo and it weapon won’t switch out. Then sit and hide for a while and the switch happens.

This happened one time before. But it was constant all day today.

No images or video

Single Player just me in the game

AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core Processor 4.00 GHz
Installed Memory 24.0 GB
64-bit Operating System windows 10
SSD Hard drive
Video Nvidia GeForce GTX960

Tried to put this in bug report but it wound up here. Hope it is ok. Don’t know how to move it now if in wrong place. Thank you.

The main place that this problem shows up is at the top of the Light House at Tarnboda Skans. Not so bad with a few robots. Real bad with a lot of robots.

I noticed this, too, mostly with the 6* PVG90. But in another location.

Never had this happen before the November update

This have happened several times for me and it seems to be related to switch in the exp pvg to one of the weapons slot when in battle.