Weapons getting deleted!

So last night, during a battle with Hunters and Harvesters, I went to a Plundra storage to equip with some weapons.

During this process two of my 4 crown/Silver Augmented weapons disappeared and my remaining 5 crown weapon had both of its Silver Augments removed !

I can see from searching that there has been issues with weapons being mysteriously deleted.

I have searched for my missing 4 crown weapons again in their original locations but they are not there, they seem to have been completely deleted from the game.

My setup is:
Windows 10 Pc
24Gb Ram
Ryzen 5 5600x

If anyone know how to get my weapons back, that info would be appreciated greatly, as I have been grinding a long time to get them.
I’m just wondering if Steam makes updates to itself or the game while you’re playing?

Thank you,

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Same here, lost a few Exp KSP 59 MG’s i had spare and from one of it, wich i use regularily, it’s mods - they completely disappeared between putting them into the Plundra and taking it out again at a later time - and it was the same gaming session on the same world!