Weapons not visible in inventory or storage box

Recently while playing on my main character i noticed that i couldnt see my primary weapons in my inventory or storage box and i cant get it to reappear, if i drop them and pick them back up they appear in the “everything” section of my inv but not the primary weapons section, changing to my secondary character allows me to see their primary weapons but changing back doesnt fix anything, changing worlds doesnt help neither does restarting the game

Im on xbox series x if that helps

It’s probably because of filters, you accidently activated.

Take a look, if there are any filters in your inventory/plundra /recycling station active.

You may even share screenshots. That would make it easier for us to see what could be wrong.


There is also a possiblity that if the weapons were DLC weapons, you may have an issue with that DLC and will need to redownload it. Don’t worry, if this is the case, it will reappear in your inventory when the DLC is redownloaded.

Obviously, you should try Mad’s recommendation first, his is the most likely to be your issue, but in the event that doesn’t work, give my recommendation a shot.

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This worked, i just had filters on and forgot, woopsie daisy
in all seriousness thank you, i feel kinda silly forgetting about the filters lol


It happens to the best of us. Glad to see the issue was resolved.

Closing report.


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