Weapons scopes aim weird

Relatively new here so tell me if this has been discussed already.

I play on the ps4 and feel i am fairly accurate in shooting games. But with GZ the shooting feels off to me. Now i know in real life people will “zero” their scope to a certain distance depending on their expected shooting range so if a hunter expects to take a animal at 100 M he will zero in on that range.

Is that the case in GZ? It feels like i have to aim lower then my target with any of the scopes that i use if a runner is within a short distance to make a 1 shot kill. I’m so use to games having an adjustable zero or being point and click up to a certain range before bullet drop takes effect but never had a game with a fixed distance and had to aim low to make a shot.

Look at the Topic bullet-drop-of-snipers-goes-in-the-wrong-direction

Look here for further explanation. The scopes zero point is fixed at a range of 200m

appreciate it. Kind of what i figured but wasnt sure if this was another one of the problems the patch caused to the PS4 version.