Weapons Worthy of Augmentation

I dont believe there is a Topic like this.

What Weapons and what augmentations do you guys think are useful to use and have?

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Experimental weapons, that’s a first!

Just guessing, but I believe he means currently useful combinations.

I love my RPG with the structure destructor.
→ Destructs multiple walls with one shot, FNIX command center sometimes with just two shots.

And my AI-76 which gives me health and has a slightly improved magazine size.
→ many bullets that give life (for me)

Besides of that I have an N9 which allows me to sprint longer, but it’s not very noticeable I feel.

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@YoursTrulyBilly @YoursTrulyBilly
Yes, I mean useful and efficient combinations, i never tried to use some.
Usually just use weapons without any augmentations, but I wonder besides those 2 mentioned above

  • What would work well?
  • Whats useful?

Those that use them, comment below

If you try to be the sneaky type while doing base assaults, a base assault specialized sledgehammer or baseball bat might be your speed. Structure Destructor, and Power Attacker. Lets you fairly quickly tear down walls and wreak havoc on any other major base structures, while drawing minimal attention. Fewer gunshots, fewer curious bots, longer time before you get detected and have to go loud.

/Fermented Herring, the Swedish Solid Snake.

Hip Shooter and Unstoppable Rounds on any SMG makes for a pretty potent combination, I think. Line up your shots and take out multiple machines at once.

On the COM-10, that combination is my Ghost in the Shell meme gun.

Yes, Batou. HV ammo, in a sub machine pistol.

Really, any full-auto weapon probably becomes a death sentence to the machines with that previous combination…

If you have a habit of picking machines apart methodically, by specifically targeting separate components, then any of the status effect “on component destruction” augments might prove worthwhile. EMP effect, blinding, whatever all they are.

I confess, though, I’m not really a fan of the augments, for the most part. Haven’t bothered with most of them, as they just don’t appeal to me. Too “gamey, arcadey.” Not my style. Likewise, not a fan of the experimental weapons or experimental ammo types—and with how similar all three features are, well, they go hand in hand. There are a few ammo types and a few augments I’m all right with, but others just strike me as goofy nonsense, ranging from “how would that work?” to “that’s just too overpowered, ridiculous.” And then there is the kiddy nonsense, like getting an accuracy bonus on shotguns and MELEE WEAPONS while jumping. Seriously? Naahhh…

Thx for the suggestions.
Honestly the augmentations seem a bit complicated when they could be more simple, and they also come with negative effects…so im not a fan.

Some, but not all of them.

Some of the bonuses and penalties don’t seem well balanced, or just don’t seem well thought out to me.

The augment for ammunition capacity, for instance. It just isn’t right… More ammo, worse recoil? What? Not more ammo, longer reload time?

Logically, more recoil just doesn’t work. If you take a weapon, like say an automatic rifle like an AI76/AK47 or an AG4/AK4/G3…and you go from using standard capacity magazines, to using higher capacity magazines…you add weight to the weapon. Adding weight to the weapon, in reality, will actually decrease felt recoil. The more ammo, the more weight, the less muzzle rise, and the less recoil straight back into the shooter’s shoulder as well.

On the other hand, swapping to higher capacity magazines can make reloading slower. You’re dealing with larger, heavier magazines—or longer belts, for belt-fed weapons like the KVM 59, KVM 89, N60, PM71… Heavier magazines, or longer belts, are more cumbersome. Bigger, longer, heavier… Takes a little more work to fight with them, get them into or out of pouches, get them positioned right in or on the gun, more effort to fully seat them or wrangle them into position. Takes more work, compared to smaller, lighter, less bulky, lower capacity magazines, or shorter, lighter belts.

More recoil should have been a penalty that went alongside more power. Damage versus this enemy or that, should have carried small recoil penalties… More power comes with more recoil.

And before anybody says it, no, it isn’t a matter of “simulation.” It’s a matter of “making sense.” Game balance can be achieved in logical, reasonable, sensible ways. Not just by flinging spaghetti at the wall and seeing what random bit sticks where.

Likewise, the ammunition capacity augment should have been restricted from certain weapons, more so than it is. Currently, it isn’t available for explosive weapons and melee weapons. Makes sense. But it works with revolvers? And other weapons that the game doesn’t otherwise have higher capacity magazines for, like the shotguns and bolt-action rifles? Naahhh, restrict those. Give them some other augments the other weapons can’t get, if they need something.

Some of the others just need clarification. What counts as “long range” and what counts as “short range” for that sniping augment? That one’s penalty is way too big, anyway, though. Yes, weapons actually do have something of an optimal range, not just “out to a maximum” but “between certain distances”—but it is no where near as extreme as that augment’s penalty…

Back on topic, Mad’s suggestions (health on hit for primary automatic weapons, movement speed on handguns) can be expanded on. Healing not just on automatic rifles, but also the SMGs and MGs, movement speed or quieter movement on handguns or SMGs…

A lot of it depends on how you play, and what you consider useful or valuable. If you’re stealthy, or if you find yourself needing to move fast often, or if you want to be able to stand there and facetank the enemy, exchange gunfire and hope to outlast them…if you need to stun them, blind them, strip their armor, or destroy their core components… (Armor stripping isn’t difficult to me, anyway, so that one isn’t especially valuable to me.)

Or there is the “the game should have just been that way to begin with” combo; recoil control and accuracy benefits when prone and crouched. That one might be especially useful on sniper’s weapons, and MGs. Suddenly it’s almost like you can actually use the bipod most of the MGs have as part of their visual model… As for sniping, though, that’s only IF the player didn’t go for the sway-negating specialization in their skills.

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I asked for" directions" and not for “reviews”, but I 100% agree with you, it makes no sense, i mostly dont use them, because the ones i would want to augment have negative penalties that “make no sense” .

Well, an EMP effect on destroying a machines component as weapon augmentation of course makes more sense.

It’s GZ. Not Arma.

But I see, I should try some more augmentations.
Until now I really was too parsimonious using my rare weapon parts…

I don’t give “directions.” Giving “directions” is too much like “telling people exactly what to do, bossing them around.” Not everybody likes that, as not everybody likes the same things—the same combinations of augments, talents, perks, skills, whatever.

When faced with a question, in public, where the answer does not have to be and therefore should not be “for your eyes only” I do prefer to give “reviews” so that others may consider what I’ve said, compare it to others or their own experiences, and make their own decisions on which direction they would like to go.

I don’t respond in public “for your eyes only” because a post made publicly, like on an open forum thread, is viewable to others…others who may also have the same question, and who may like to see a variety of answers. Not just you, OP.

Mad, nobody said they wanted GZ to be ARMA. But GZ could still get a few more things right, without getting too close to ARMA territory. Like proper power for the AG4, S21, and Kotenok, or better combinations of pros/cons for certain augments, etc, among other things. There is plenty of room for improvement, in a variety of areas, without encroaching on any other game—no one game has any sort of claim on “getting some details right” or “doing things well.” Every game ought to try and do those things, rather.