Weather, difficulty and so

Hi there…

  1. Does the weather Changes in every Region? Because in the Starter Region there is mostly Rain and the other got only snow. And the snow Sounds Like Rain in buildings​:thinking::grin:

  2. Is there an better ammo Clip for the Älgstudsare hunting rifle?..4 rounds are a little bit …Not enough

  3. Will the difficulty Change with more Players?

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Different regions have higher chances for different weather, but it’s not locked to certain regions. If there is a bug with the sound of snow, please report it in the bug subforum <3
There is no extended magazine for the Älgstudsare rifle.
Difficulty does not scale with player amount.


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OK :v: thanks for replying

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I think the weather didn’t have an effect on the Machines?

Never really thought about it that much, could be that you’re harder for them to detect in the rain or snow.

Would be cool If it’s so …but Looks Like its Not so😌 i Test it some minutes ago