Wee quick question


if my posts have been locked when would i receive a response.

my first post i raised was locked and i couldnt reply so i edited. However just to make sure i raised another post with my answer with the description of what is going on. Then that was locked.


Your 1st bug report topic was merged into another, older, bug report topic that already had a lengthy discussion about that specific issue. You can take it as courtesy from moderator not locking your topic outright since you didn’t bother to search the forums, before making your bug report topic.

2nd time around, you posted the exact same bug report again, and this time, it was locked due to the cross-posting rule. To be more specific:

Be courteous: Avoid duplicate posts
Cross posting is not allowed and will result in the removal of one or more posts. Cross posting is defined as posting the same information in two or more locations. When posting your topic, please try to post it in the most appropriate place within the organizational structure of our community. Identical topics posted in the same or different forums will be removed. Topics posted in the wrong forum will be moved.

Source: Code of Conduct - Forums

Your bug report is alive in here: Host disconnected message when playing SP & MP and you can keep an eye on that topic to receive a response to the issue many have had, including you.