Weird and funny ideas

hi welcome if you have any weird or funny ideas please put them is here and please don’t criticize ideas as this is manly for fun like a hunter riding a bike or a brake dancing tank so enjoy


Wouldn’t it be better to move this topic to community content?
Seems too weird and funny to be for serious feature requests. :wink:

Glad to see a true survivor on the forum. :rofl:

What about seasonals like bunny-hopping tanks on eastern or spawned machines spawning out of eastereggs?

At christmas there could be runners with colored light-chains (right word in english?)


Great minds think alike :wink: I suggested this a while ago. I still stand by it.


RGB gamer machines. The only thing I could ever want.

I still want a red Tank with Christmas lights for an X-mas event. Could drop presents when killed.

Alas :cry:


All the above would be a laugh but imagine the fun you could have trying to predict which bugs would be introduced when any of these were added.


Like smurfs instead of gnomes?
Or christmas elves in winter?
Maybe pumpkins at halloween… :scream: pumpkin-ticks with glowing eyes!

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With a present bag on the back instead of a fuel tank? :joy:

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I would like to see the Little green men DLC.

When they are killed they make squishy sounds.

Footsoldiers - imagem

Walkers - imagem Makes toys sounds when destroyed.

Mothership - imagem

We would get weird costumes for destroying aliens -

PS: Come on guys, someone else must come up with other weird ideas.


Oh I got one.
Imagine there are control points all over the map where you build a base, or fnix could build one. Then you could make base assaults everywhere, or defend your bases…
I know, it’s really weird, but I thought this is the right place for it.



NOOO that is not funny at all… and very very unfortunately for us…its no longer weird :pensive: :sweat_smile:

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how abut some Diarrhea rockets
“incoming fart noise intensifies oh s***t”

that’s the point it’s suppose to be here to act as more of a brake for serious requests and let creativity take the wheel

till my last round I stand the last medkit I breath I will survive to the end battle brother


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Technically we already have many different gas attacks ingame, including the grenades shot by Hunters. They just need some more appropriate sound effects :poop:

Guys, should I move this to the off-topic section? Feels like this is more of a joke thread…

Edit: Let’s give #community-content a go.


Yes, either that or to “community” content.

well that was the point

you did suggest that I put it here

but I think it might be best if it goes to Community Content - Generation Zero Forum

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This was not my idea but it was weird and funny. Was at one of the broken FNIX bases that had no walls but kept spawning machines and generators, a hunter spawned on the shoulders of another hunter. So, one hunter standing on top of another hunter that was running around and both of them shooting.

Because there were 4 players nothing was lasting long and these two did not either. The game shortly crashed after seeing this and didn’t snap a screen shot of it.

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