Weird clothe percentage boost

So I had black boots which had 4% fall damage resistance base. I then got a level 3 boost to fall damage. So I built the lower level to it and put the level 3 boost on it. Which should have made it a 7% resistance, right? But no it has a 12% fall resistance. So i thought maybe it compounded. So 4% base plus level 1, 2, 3. This would equal 10% resistance. But i have 12.

If you look your tier 3 schematic of shoes fall resistance, what percentage it tells you for fall resistance?

Let me look. I have to check. I assumed it was the normal 3%

It appears this can be labeled “working as intended”. Iy turns out it gives a 12% resistance. I was just not paying attention. lol.

That’s what i thought.

Since there is no bug and game does work as intended, i added the tag and close this topic.