Weird music loop (NOT combat loop)

Hello everyone,

Something I’ve noticed and thought it was a bug because I didn’t encouter this before the March update but have had this quite often since then:

Basically the music that plays when enemies are around (unalerted) and its outro keep repeating, as if I kept going in and out of the radius around enemy bots that trigger the OST. This happens both upon starting up the game and in the middle of a game session.
In most extreme cases, the tracks will overlap

Steps to reproduce:

  1. boot up the game
  2. wander around the world
  3. listen closely to the music while enemies are around and you’ll notice the outro will play and another “enemy around” track will start immediatly after, play the outro and the loop goes on

EDIT: should I add, this happens in very different scenarios, it can be while looking for loot in houses (in which case this might happen if the house sits right on the border of the music triggering), but also when running straight through a forest