[Weird objects] Strangely placed or weirdly behaving objects

I decided to create another collection thread for objects that are not floating or are not holes in the ground.

Boo Bruk AB - barricade in front of a warehouse. Garage doors can be opened:


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Ah yes, I know.
Has been before Landfall, too.

Good idea @0L0 doing this thread. Hope it’s ok to post our findings here too :slight_smile:

Since Landfall I noticed Hunters have their head pivotpoint/rotation bugged when downed, made for some funny pictures sometimes.

Also found Runner having problem with their ID label not seen until downed and label pivot flipped.

A rare one; a Seeker having number 22 is normal but this one looks like ?? where texture label is in correct font so it may have been a trick of light. Still bugs me and have trid to see other but no luck so far. (I enhanced the ??-label to be more visible using burn/sponge tool in PS but not edited in any way.)

(In COTW players taking pictures of downed animals for bragging rights is normal behaviour but I look at 3D model details too, old habit.)

In a house at the beginning of Alpine story (Himfjäll island) a character in a chair where object set has no collission assigned to it. Looking through objects from the inside is strange when it happens.


Playing the mission in FNIX where Truck stops there is a tree tilted on the blast-wall so player can get inside but the branches are also ghosting so you can climb up there but close to the wall you drop to the ground.


Ghostlights. They have been around a while and I consider this a genuine “Glitch”. Not something to adjust models and textures but a general issue that may be a little more difficult to troubleshoot. Getting close within a few meters to these ghost lights makes them disappear.

This glowing dot is visible easily at a distance during night time where a Beacon is normally placed but even when destroyed a copy of the glowing lamp on the top spawns while the object itself is hidden as it should be.

These lights look like “irr bloss” (ignis fatuus) and may be the souls of Seekers. Actually when a seeker spawns near your location (after a minute of inactivity or so) a copy of the flames from its jets stays behing in that spawn point location.

This also happens sometimes to targets where sparkling flames stay in the air in a fixed point even when the target has moved away or downed. Not same thing as ghost lights but added it here anyway out of interest. Picture below is from a tank that moved away and it’s searchlight stayed fixed in position until I got close to it and the light winked out.

(Should this post be moved to Bugs?)

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Wall mounted wires in the middle of every room of this type, in every bunker.


Free floating radio:

In Garphammar:

A few Himfjallet (Alpine DLC) glitches.

4217, -332 (feet)

4562, -172 (double exposue sign in trailer)

3854, -609 (bodies placement)

3864, -583 (door action enabled, should be disabled)

That last one is only weird if you can close the door. Otherwise it’s just two planks to hinder easy enemy access. :wink:

Yes, the door closes through the planks :laughing:
It was on the way to a mission, otherwise doors or gates intersect other objects is not something that bothers me. This one was open as intended and planks in place there but someone forgot to disable the interaction with the door when setting this up.

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A floating road at 4320, 1691. Does it fit in this topic?

This floating road was reported way back in 2019 by Voodo. Problems with terrain better be posted in that thread.


I can see the issue with the rocks through the plank on the first one. The second one? Asking for a friend…

The (radio/radar mast) cable is running all the way to the water, instead of to the concrete block on the bank.

Ah, seen. Much obliged!