Well done keep it up


Hey one for the developers really!

Just wanted to say a big well done for the game. I have spent alot of hours already and still feel like iv hardly touched the map. I love the design of the robots and detail in them its alot better then what I have seen in other games. I know people complain about seeing the same buildings all the time but I dont think it’s that much of an issue it’s in the 80s and with the areas been pretty remote the building would of probably been around the same design anyway. The weather and night and day cycles are a great touch also. It’s been a while since iv enjoyed a good open world game and it’s been a nice different experience to the fallout games iv been playing. I know theres some bugs still and when isnt there any in a new game but the community support on here is outstanding and you can see you listen. Would of bought the game earlier if there had been some advertisement for it.
Well keep up the good work anyway guys and I’m going to carry on enjoying to play.