Wepon Recoil Augment broken

It is entirely nonsensical and factually inaccurate to make a mod that increases clip size to make the recoil worse… A heavier magazine would actually stabilize the weapon.

I would advise a different debuff because this… Doesn’t make sense at all.

I’m saving my weapon parts until I know for sure which ones are worth spending 500 gold on, and the most fun augmentation is

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That would be advisable. Some of them are really good currently, health steal is amazing at higher tiers!

I’m currently using health steal silver + mega magazine bronze on a 5c AI76.

Nice way to use real life in a video game and insult the dev team at the same time. Where did the mod increase the weight of the weapon…in the game? When I added the larger mag, the gun did not get heavier, so maybe in the game world the extra rounds make the gun have more recoil as a trade off for more capacity.

By your own logic, as the mag empties the recoil will increase, so should that be a thing in the game too? Going from over 300 rounds down to like 50 would be a big weight difference, if the rounds added any weight to the weapon or it gets lighter as you spend the rounds, I don’t see that happening in my version of the game.

That is my loadout as well. Though I am dabbling with the light mech speciality as well.

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My point was a larger magazine would make a real gun heavier, and with all the game’s aim to make the guns behave in a somewhat realistic manner (all things considered, no they aren’t real guns, you’re right)… Making a larger mag make the gun kick harder just doesn’t make sense.

Even if it doesn’t add real weight to a gun, I don’t see any reasonable explanation for this to cause up to 200% more recoil. Completely ruins the point of the mod. More ammo, sure… But how am I going to hit anything with it?

Single shots, bursts…

actually with a fair amount of time behind several semi and full auto weapons I can assure you that a bigger mag does increase weapon control ability. whether you want it to fall into accuracy or recoil is variable on the platform. so a baseline of recoil is not unreasonable. I.E. the real life version of the AI76 with a normal mag has substantial recoil when firing full auto as it wants to pull up forcing you to have to pull down on the foregrip to maintain proper sighting. with a 100rd mag the weigh wants to pull the barrel down before firing, and a stated as the mag empties the amount of lift and pull switches in a full auto scenerio. lets just say the numbers are a bit inflated but I can say its a reasonable setup based on the games platform design. so also again as stated single and burst firing are optimal in these instances

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I suppose it would be fair for me to experiment with the augment a bit more, you are both right on that. I will mess around with it a bit and see if I can find something viable.

Just was annoying to find a mag boost I wanted to use on an MG would end up making it a bad idea to use as a bullet hose because of the increased kick.

Best (gold) isn’t always best.
That’s the good about having positive and negative effects, eaching rising on higher levels and each having different effects on different guns.