What about beard customization for male characters

Beard customizations for male characters and what happen to the backpack customization did they take it out cause I though that would be pretty cool to see in the game and what if the backpacks had small perks like carrying one or 2 more of something like medkits or rare ones could be were you could hold one more gun just a idea what do you think

beards would be nice to have.
I don’t know what you mean by “Backpack customization”, I’ve never heard of that. Your character is not wearing a backpack.

Why aren’t we wearing backpacks? I see them all over the place

yeah im pretty sure all items are in backpack, even the menu says that. Its weird it doesnt show tho. What comes to beards i think they are teenagers right?

i have realised you have a infinite supply of backpacks to leave your unwanted stuff in but you dont wear one

oh yeah, we do have backpacks as in inventory:D but it’s not cosmetic. Might be something for the future :thinking: good ideas!

I need much bigger backpack to store all the weapons until some sort of permanent storage for them is implemented

Before the 1.05 update in your profile you had a backpack option but you couldn’t find any backpack customization it be cool if you could have different backpacks or even cool 80s ones

Just a thought here about beards: we’re supposed to be teenagers in the game. Rare is a teenager that can grow facial hair that’s more than just some sparse, scraggly hairs on their chin and upper lip or a patchy neck beard. Not sure that would really fit the game. I’m not against it, just pointing out an obvious point.

Yeah I guess your right but what about backpacks that you could wear

Yeah, I’m cool with your backpack idea.

What would be something you like to see in the game

picking up different beard styles would be nice, hopefully they would be usable in conjunction with the other features and not in place of things like the makeup. i would like a beard but not at the cost of my lightning bolt

I’d like to see the game-breaking bugs that have been there since launch fixed.

can’t we have a couple of topics suggesting things without it derailing into the same complaining about bugs?

He asked what I would like to see in the game. I answered truthfully with my #1 desire for GZ. It’s not complaining at all.

It is however off-topic. Stick to the topic guys.

I’m curious now. What were typical beard looks in the 80’s?

Chuck Norris style beard, Magnum PI, Freddie Mercury or Hulk Hogan mustaches?


Point taken, @Zesiir.

What I would like to see is a more varied selection of buildings so that each farm and settlement has a more unique feel. Right now, as beautiful as the world is, there’s only so often you can visit generic_house_1.mdl before it gets old. Ditto for vehicles. To me, that’s the biggest immersion killer in the world. Everything is the same handful of copy pasta models. It looks unnatural. I understand it’s a small team and they did what they could, but that would be my big wish.


Also, more setpieces like they added to the starter island to fit into the story to make the world seem a little less barren. I know this already the intent.

I’d choose this in a heartbeat… because I actually had that in the late 80s / early 90s. lol