What about better seasons

What if Generation Zero had more and better snow.
Generation Zero has multiple seasons and alternates relatively quickly, but couldn’t improve on all the details of the vegetation. The game would have a nicer atmosphere, it would show how beautiful the game is and how good the team behind Generation Zero is. Personally, I would be happy about better seasons. How do you see it?

-Team Generation Zero please think twice, the community would certainly be happy if you tackled the topic.

Generation Zero Community, write as many ideas as possible here on the topic and maybe it will also be addressed.
Thank you very much your DeMoLiTionCo

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I like the idea of having “better seasons”
It also reminds me about
Better weather

  • Having snowstorms with low visibility
  • Great thunderstorms and rainfall storms with heavy rain
  • Thick fog
  • Darker nights

But can the engine and the code handle it?
Wont it become more buggy?
Will it make it unplayable in old gen and even some medium PC specs that work fine now?

Its hard to know and probably difficult to explain it to us.
But I sure would like to know if such thing is even possible
It would make the game better in terms of realism and immersion.
Maybe only possible in a Generation Zero 2…


How established you want to download it. The system, good question, maybe it is so far that you can make a change easier said than done unfortunately


Currently there are no seasons.
There are just some regions colder than others, there is weather and day/night cycle.
It already is really great, but like @Mr_A1992 said, there is something that could even be better.

I just would like to see greater effects on the machines behaviour.


Yes, that’s right, the machines can also do and change things on their own. But I personally put the surroundings in front of the machines because the feeling of running cross-country where I leave tracks in the snow or when the ground is muddy and you run into the puddle and you leave a track behind you is simply beautiful. The game doesn’t necessarily need new content, but the basic core needs to be changed slightly or, to put it another way, the game needs to adapt to the performance of the new games. :smiley: