What am I supposed to do now?


I have no incomplete missions in my log and nowhere to go.

The only mission on my map is “One Can Only Hope” which I’ve already finished and “Shooting Practice” which has been bugged for weeks, the Rifle dosnt spawn.

If it helps my mission log is

Break of Dawn
The Farm
The Road to Salthamn
The Home Team
Calling for Help
Over and Out
First Contact
Another Castle

Old Bettan
The Hunter
One Can Only Hope
Strength in Numbers


Why don’t you just explore? Houses, coastlands, base doors that you come upon in woods. For me the missions were just a distraction, so I went l looking for trouble… When I came across something interesting, i did it. I am now on the South Coast and have several missions there, but I am just circling the coast and doing them if they are nearby, but finding other interesting things along the way. If you just do the missions, you miss all the interesting stuff, I find…


You appear to somehow be missing the side mission to find all the bunkers (but you’ve obviously been through Vesslan, otherwise you couldn’t have Another Castle or Beachhead, among others), so I’d start with checking the Vesslan warboard again. From there, explore. You’ve gotten to the point that the game doesn’t try to hold your hand anymore, though you’re still luckily in a mostly linear progress section (once you get out of the archipelago, things start branching all over the place and requiring lots of backtracking).


yes you can wander around and pick up others but this missions constantly disappearing issue has got to be fixed