What are the machines names?

Does anybody know the machine names.
EX " Stridsmaskin, Giant, and Resen is tank"
If anyone knows all the names for the rest please list them down.
Thank you

Not 100% sure about all the rival nicknames, but the “official” names are:

Stridsmaskin 90 “Resen”
(en. War Machine 90 “Giant”)

Ingenjörsmaskin 80 “Oxen”
(en. Engineering Machine 80 “Ox”)

Jaktmaskin 60 “Ulven”
(en. Hunting Machine 60 “Wolf”)

Stridsmaskin 30 “Järven”
(en. War Machine 30 “Wolverine”)

Underhållsmaskin 6 “Myran”
(en. Maintenance Machine 6 “Ant”)

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Not quite. Here’s how they all go (and you’re missing Seeker):

Tick - Underhållsmaskin 6 - “Myran”
Seeker - Spaningsmaskin 22 - “Korpen”
Runner - Stridsmaskin 30 - “Järven”
Hunter - Jaktmaskin 60 - “Ulven”
Harvester - Ingenjörsmaskin 80 - “Oxen”
Tank - Stridsmaskin 90 - “Resen” / “Liemannen”

Tick - Maintenance Machine 6 - “The Ant”
Seeker - Scouting machine 22 - “The Raven”
Runner - Combat Machine 30 - “Wolverine”
Hunter - Hunting machine 60 - “The Wolf”
Harvester - Engineer 80 - “Taurus”
Tank - Combat Machine 90 - “The Giant” / “Grim Reaper”

Besides the above, Rivals can have several names. What i’ve seen so far:

  • Hunter - Wolf, Ulven, Jaktmaskin 60
    E.g: Jaktmaskin 60 A-481 (The Sentinel of the Iboholmen Castle)

  • Harvester - Ox, Oxen, Ingenjörsmaskin 80
    E.g: Ingenjörsmaskin 80 B-512 (The Ransacker of Överby bridge)

  • Tank - Giant, Resen, Stridsmaskin 90
    E.g: Stridsmaskin 90 D-696 (The Sentinel of Österhällan)

Also, the Rival designation tells what class and type Rival it is, e.g:

  • A-470, A-559, A-655
  • B-472, B-512, B-672
  • C-471, C-506, C-630
  • D-474, D-529, D-611

Where: A, B, C and D are class (in that order: protoype, military, FNIX, apocalypse) and series tells the type, where: 400-series = hunter, 500-series = harvester and 600-series = tank.

For example: B-672 is military tank, while D-474 is apocalypse hunter and A-559 is prototype harvester.

There can be Rival runner as well but i haven’t seen one. Though, it’s designation series is most likely 300-series, e.g C-345 would be FNIX runner.

Grr… How could I? This annoys the perfectionist in me… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

“Resen” means “The Giant”. Rese or resa means a trip or a journey in swedish, sure, but not in this case.
We have an old folklore name for giants in Scandinavia. Rise in norwegian, and Rese in swedish. :blush:

And for those who don’t know, “Grim Reaper” and “Liemannen” is a unique name for the Reaper.
“The Grim Reaper” is popularly depicted as a cloaked figure carrying a scythe, as we all know. “Lie” is swedish for a scythe, so directly translated to english “Liemannen” means “Scytheman”. You get the picture. :wink:

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Looking at 72 of the number 672. Does that mean that there are a max of 99 tanks in the game?

If you look at machines with tech view, you’d see that Machine’s ID is actually two-section 6 digit/letter comblination (e.g. ID: E56-7A8).

Personally the “Assasin of Meatbags” is one of my favourite names for a rival.


And are you going to tell us why you needed to know?
Are you updating the “Wiki” or something like that?

@Mr_A1992 I wondered about that too. It almost seemed urgent… But if he was that much into it he could have easily looked up those names by himself. :thinking:

Truth is I tried for hours to find the names and I needed help so I can do stuff with the names.

If you found the collectibles you can see their ID´s.
That and the tech view .

Since i don’t speak Swedish, i used Google Translate and that i got as a result. Then again, it’s hard to translate something when one word has several meanings and depending on context, the meaning changes.

Thanks for explaining that. I’ll update my data about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s unknown what the 2nd and 3rd number in the series mean.

I don’t think it would mean that, since all Rivals have the serial number and if we’d follow that logic, it also would mean that there are max 99 runners, hunters and harvs in the entire game. To me, there are more than 99 random roam runners in the game. (Only random roam machines can become rivals, AFAIK.)

I don’t have favorite but the ones that i do like, are (among many):
(These are some of the rivals currently in my game.)

  • Ox A-559 (The Menace from Norra Saltholmen)
  • Resen C-694 (The Boss of the Ă–verby Air Base)
  • Resen A-655 (The Sentinel of the Stone Ships)
  • Giant A-629 (The Tyrant of the Farmlands)
  • Stridsmaskin 90 C-612 (The Adversary of Society)
  • Giant B-674 (The Conqueror of the Coastline)
  • Stridsmaskin 90 C-600 (The Sentinel of the Marshlands)
  • Giant C-623 (The Top Dog of the North)
  • Resen D-613 (The Dominator of FOA 4)
  • Stridsmaskin 90 D-669 (The Eradicator)


Corrected topic title.


Happy to help :slight_smile:
Luckily, norwegian, swedish and danish are so alike that they could almost be considered different dialects of the same language. Fun to have a game so close to my native language. :slight_smile:

Google Translate can sometimes confuse more than it can help, haha! :grin:

Google translate is very peculiar. Translate something into a different language e.g English-Swedish and then translate the swedish into something else , say French then back to English and you get a very different answer from what it first was :sweat_smile: