What are these Remote Tiny Armories?


I have found three of these so far. They are by themselves in remote areas with hooks on the top like they were dropped in place. They are all fenced and locked. How many are there? Is there a name for them? Here is one near the police care where you find the special Klaucke 17.


The devs explain these in one of there very first streams. Generation Zero takes place during a time were Sweden was advancing in weaponry and in there military also they were preparing for an attack from other country’s. So these were weapon stashes and they were made to get Sweden ready for an attack.


Thanks for the info. How many of these are there? Each time we find one it is like Christmas.


There are lots of these , and happy Christmas :deer::+1:


As for how many there are im not sure altho im pretty confident ive tracked all of them down because now when i find one its already been looted by me.


The first one of these you come across in the Archipelago has a key to it hidden beside the door, by some boxes. It’s worth picking it up, because apparently it unlocks all of the other armories on the map :slight_smile:


Let say that it’s enough weapon caches to arm around 1 million men in Sweden with them.


I found a new armory I’ve never come across before. A blue one, not far from Boo Bruk AB. It’s not marked on the map, figured I’d post it here.



Why do I read this when I get to work? Now I am going to be thinking about it all day. That blue is so cool. Cannot wait to go there.