What could be added to the game (personal wishes from our team, who played Generation Zero for about 100 hours)

A list of things that could be added to the game to improve it:
Tackles and slips, similar to Call of Duty - this would make the fights more variable in tactics and improve the dynamics of the fights themselves as a whole.
Auto-filling of gadget cells - for example, when 1 of 4 cells is released, it would be filled with grenades, balloons or first aid kits, depending on what is in the player’s inventory.
The events were robot raids on bases, and for each raid they gave rewards in the form of resources or a cartridge. Or, as an event, it would be possible to make a convoy of robots.
Trials - races, races, trials in which someone will collect a certain resource more.
New vehicles - scooters, scooters, skateboards, roller skates.
New weapons - AA 12, P90, Deagle… and other weapons that can be added.
I hope you will read this and pay attention to it.


Could we add cover mechanics to your list?:joy:

I just think some Robots be packen big guns and I think hiding behind a tree shouldn’t stop certain calibers. I also think this would make you pick your battles based on your environment.

Hmm? Not sure what you mean by played 100 hours? Is that like at one time without stopping? :grin: I was playing it about 60 hours a week for the first 8 months of owning it so I don’t know if that’s close enough. Other than a few bugs I love the way the game played from the start and would like to see the Developers time spent on more ($$$) DLCs to increase the size of the map and add more missions. What I really like is it is NOT like COD or any other game, which COD went from WW2 FPS to Modern Warfare to Ghosts and Zombies. And Gen Zero is NOT like any other game I have played, and I hope it stays that way. That may be why I am at 1600 plus hours.

It would be nice if the Machine raids at the base were random, where you don’t know when they will happen, so you must finish what you are doing to go and defend the base or risk losing it and having to rebuild. It could be like the same way Reapers drop in for visits and then the raids be all out attacks, not a few from the north, then a few from the west and so on. Harvesters calling in hunters from all sides, Tanks with packs of runners and it is random in numbers and strengths based on game difficulty settings. Be able to build stronger self-defense systems.

Also the crafting of ammo and first aid is great, but it would be nice to craft other things too that are combinations of things we already have. Like adding sticky flares to gas cans to make sticky bombs. Flare runs out the gas can blows!


probably means exactly what it says, Not sure why it matters one way or the other. Who would even play a game for 100 hours straight.

Sorry, I should have put a smile face to mean I was joking. So I edited it. :blush:

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Ah, my bad then. :+1:

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A simple mechanic I would like to see would be a leaning mechanic. Similar to deathloop or the older call of duty’s. Also I think the skill trees need a complete rework.


I’m only just getting to that hundred hour mark, so hope the input is still welcome here, but, I’d like something that makes it really feel like we’re part of a resistance movement, not just some lone survivors stubbornly holding out hope where there’s none to be found. Even something like a cosmetic change to some of the bunkers we clear out, like some Resistance flags outside, and ammo containers inside being marked with the symbol of the resistance, maybe the radio equipment in the command center actually has a little bit of chatter.
The base defense atop the mountain, those machine gun pillboxes say there’s a resistance fighter within, and there’s the clear implication that you’re not the only people fighting the machines, lean into the idea that there’s a real movement happening just outside our sight some more, rather than less. as players unlock bunkers and safehouses, add some weight to that accomplishment, make us feel like we’re gaining some kind of momentum- progress toward the ultimate goal of giving the machines the boot, even if that’s all it is, a feeling.

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I played for only 1.5 hours yesterday and I already wish they had the following:

  • Climbing
  • Swimming
  • Go prone to increase hiding from robots
  • Firing from cover (around corners, cars, fences, doorways, etc.)
  • throw objects like rocks to distract
  • a way to cycle through all weapons. found it annoying having to equip a bat when a pistol runs out of ammo.

I like the tension it brings first starting off. I watched a youtube video of a guy reviewing the game and in his gameplay he’s taking on many robots at once. I find that a disappointment, because then it starts to feel like a Fallout game (based on the setting). I know you can’t please them all, but I think adding game mechanics would be more important than filling it up with extra weapons. If I played this for 100+ hours, I wouldn’t be asking for more weapons or vehicles, that gets old instantly. Create more mechanics.

Thought id let you know, proning does exist in game and has done since last year. For Console hold your crouch button and on PC its Z by default.

Thanks. I’ll try that.