What do i do now?

Greetings all- My game stats show im at 87% completion. I went on a 6 day vacation and cant finish the game. It plays as intended but there are no markers/icons on the map showing what to do.
All main and side missions completed.
I have both dlc’s.
I think my last mission was destroying the fnix command center or nerve center.
I play solo-ps4.
I can play all other aspects including base building,reaper etc.
Just cant figure out what to do for next mission to complete the game. Thanks

To complete all aide missions you need to find all the starting items to start them. The game does not give them to you. A list of all missions and their starting points can be found in the missions tab of the wiki.

I am not sure how console works for completion but you may need to get all achievements and collectibles along with all challenges.

1 question. is the 87% your trophy completion? If it is check for the hidden trophies, if any left, press on them then press Square straight afterwards or just check for any left over trophies in general… Thisll reveal what to do to get this trophy, not all trophies are about the missions but can be about destroying machines, collecting something x amount of times or destroying a car 20 times with a melee weapon (FNIX Rising DLC).

You have to get all trophy’s as others have said, collectibles also ! Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Thank you all for your support. Im on it!

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