What do you do while waiting for GZ-news?


I’m currently bored of GZ and the communication around it.

Every day I check, if there is anything to find, but it isn’t.
The recent posts on X were … weird.

I don’t expect to see a big news about an upcoming update, but at least some teasers or just informational updates.

I’m also missing the weekly streams which always were good for some pieces of info and for the feeling that the team is still interested in the game.

It currently feels for me that GZ is dying.

But is it just a feeling?
Am I just spoiled of the past years?

We’ll see.
Until then, I’ll keep on checking the web and play something else.

How about you?

I agree that the current period is somewhat quiet. However, Carni has laid some small hints in the latest Resistance Report.

Points to notice:

  • There is a quality of life update coming very soon
  • There is also a roadmap coming for 2024 (at some point, we don’t know when)
  • Since there will be a roadmap for 2024, this should also mean that we will indeed see more content updates (I have a strong feeling this will be the case)

So no, I don’t believe GZ is anywhere near being “abandoned” - but you’re right that at this very moment, not much is happening.

So in the meantime, I’m doing the same as you I guess - there are many other great games too. :+1::sunglasses:

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Just wrote about a lack of information and teasers… And there is one. :sweat_smile:

birds tend to get very quiet before a big storm. If you’ve ever been walking in the woods before a storm, the natural world is eerily silent! Birds also sing if the weather is improving :roll_eyes: birds singing in the rain indicates fair weather approaching

Sorry for being so quiet! We’ve been super busy preparing the next update (hehe), the 5th anniversary, and some other fun things :tm: :smiley: We’ll be in touch!


I am still daily in the game, cross-checking the story data, and fighting the machines at the same time. :coffee:

Thx for the feedback and the update.
Can we expect to see a new letter of the devs or a stream in the upcoming days?

There’s a Resistance Report this friday! I don’t know about stream yet, I’ll have to see if I have the time <3


New camouflouge schemes for your weapons ? Weekly and repetetive non-missions ? Ignoring the surrounding islands that are full of potential new stories ? More cakes to eat that hide this game is going nowhere fast ? Or new jackets ? Yes ! What a waste of developing time. Diversions hiding we are wasting time in a game of superficial patches and updates that leave the game stuck in the mud …
Nothing is happening but blingbling.