What Happened at Hisingafyren? Any Survivors?


There is a crazy scene at the lighthouse tender’s house at Hisingafyren. There was clearly a big messy fight, dead runners outside and inside the house, bullet strikes in the walls, overturned furniture, etc. If you follow the apparent path of the fight you come to this locked door:

Has anyone been able to open this door? Is there a mission that reveals more about the events at this location? In my imagination there is an injured person in there waiting to be rescued, not knowing you have cleared out the robots.


This is story related. Keep doing missions.


This is very exciting. Love the game and story. Thanks.


Yeah, if you’re a story hound, you probably want that bit of exposition.


You can get into the room by using the key you find in the kitchen. Not a lot in the room but interesting.

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