What happened to GZ?

Here are some things that i think have/is (or ideas that could) ruining the game
English is not my first language

  1. All of the community requests:
    Why do people want so strange stuff in the game? Here are some exampels of what i mean: Black powder weapons, magic drinks, helicopters at your base, weapns that didnt exist in sweden at that time, a flying fortress for the machines. Is this what you want in a game that takes place in Sweden 1989-1990 with mystical 80s ambience and feelings. And also not to forget bows and arrows, this is not in the middle ages. And no offense to the American players but why is does many of you want American forces in the game? i have met people who wants America to “save” the day. No this isnt a typical fps and we Swedes could easily do this ourselvs. And i feels the same way about the russians.
    Well that was that and please respect my opinion.

Some of the things you mentioned I havent heard about like magic drinks. But I do very much agree with you on this. Not sure if you’ve read the poll thread and my long ass comment where I talk about some examples. Dont feel like writing another wall of text so read that if you dont get what I mean. Aaanyway, I strongly belive that Generation Zero has or is at least about to lose what made it uniqe. The setting and tone. The game advertiset itselft as something dark and serious and that (aside from the cheesy dialouge) was proven during Alpine Unrest. Unlike the main game, Himfjäll doesn’t suffer from the fix it later mentality.

However due to the fix-it later stuff, features just come out as the bare minimum and that has pilled up to become oversaturated mediocrity. Generation Zero didn’t offically release as an early acces game but I’m having a hard time trying to view the base game as a finished product. The weapon packs, rivals, exp guns, crafting and defense building are all cool ideas in concept. But they kinda just exist. Weapons packs especially would make one think big things in the lore are happening. BUT NO, it’s all behind the scenes and even the game acts as if it never happends. Stuff just magically teleports to the plundra.

There’s no real effort in creating cohesion with the story and the gameplay anymore. And that’s a shame because Sweden is heavily underused as a setting. Sure there’s games with nordic and scandinaavian insperation but every so rarely is just Sweden used. With the game adding a second American weapon pack something tells me the US is getting more involved. Witch I think is dumb cause they are so overused (no offense to the American players) it’s so damn boring. I’ve stopped playing Generation Zero and deleted it from my pc, but still sorta hang around the forums in hoping that maybe one day the game can realize it’s intiall vision and be a good game that’s not just about mindless grinding.


Dont’t blame the community for beeing wierd. There will always be people who asks for the most ridiculous things.

Blame the Product owner for deciding what they will and wont put in the game.

Blame the team (and po) for not testing properly.

This game had so much potential.


It still has the potential. The problem has already been mentioned here, namely the opinion that it is a full-fledged game and not a game preview. But it takes time to improve and expand the game with a small development studio. In addition the problem of fixing it for all platforms. This game was originally intended for PC.

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Did I miss something or is the latest Letter from the team from July the 16th?

Are they cooking new stuff or why the silence?

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There was a short letter addressing the Xbox update situation around 2 and a half weeks ago.

Same thing with all the suggestions for the terminator in gen z. Like fr a robot that literally take no damage, can teleport anywhere, and look like anything, really you want that? IN A GAME WHERE IT WOULDN’T MAKE ANY SENSE.

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